Goal Attributes: Scope & Type


Previously, the only attribute that could be used to classify an objective or a key result was a category. While some users would use categories to describe objectives' or key results' scope (i.e. business vs. personal vs. development) or type (i.e. committed vs. aspirational), the desire arose for "scope" and "type" to be available as standalone attributes.

Categories can still be used as users see fit, but the inclusion of "scope" and "type" as additional (optional) attribute fields allows users to more accurately identify and filter objectives and key results.

Enabling Scope & Type

An administrator with Super Admin permissions can enable this feature by going to:

Admin → Program Management → Objectives → Settings → Attributes


Viewing Scope & Type

Once added, an objective's scope and type will be visible throughout Betterworks.

Objectives → Create Objective → Attributes


Objectives → [Select an objective] → Details


Objectives → Show Filters → Scope / Type


Admin → Program Management → Reports → All Objectives Report



Note: If your organization would like to use different terminology when opting for scope and type, please let your Customer Success Manager or the Support Team know — support@betterworks.com