Goal Weights



Managers can assign weights to the goals of their direct reports. Goal weights convey each goal's importance and priority within a business period. For instance, if a user has 3 goals, one may be worth 40%, the other 50%, and the last 10%, making up the required total of 100%. Goal weights can also allow organizations to include weights in their external goal completion calculations for compensation purposes.

Enable Goal Weights

You can enable goal weights by going to Admin → Program Management → Goals → Settings → Weights.

Note: If you're a Super Admin, but don't see the Weights page, contact please your Program Architect or Customer Success Manager. They will need to grant access to this page on the backend. Once done, you'll be able to view the page and make updates going forward. 

Add Goal Weights

1. Go to the Goals → My Direct Reports. 

2. Select the desired business period from the top-left corner.

Note: "Today" reflects the current business period.

3. Select the user whose goals you'd like to view from the left-hand panel.

4. Click on the "Weights" field. 

5. Enter the weights for each goal. 

6. Click "Submit". 

Goal Weights Report

You can generate the Goal Weights Report by going to Admin → Program Management → Reporting → Reports → Weights.

You can download an example of the report here


Can direct reports set their own goal weights?

Yes. If this option is enabled (Admin → Program Management → Goals → Settings → Weights), direct reports will be able to set their own weights.

Can I add goal weights to team goals?

Yes. If you are a member of a team that owns a goal, you or your manager can set a unique weight for the team-owned goal. However, each member of the team will have their own unique, unrelated weight for the team-owned goal.

Can I set a custom name for weights? 

Yes. You can set a custom name by going to Admin → Platform Configuration → Branding → Naming.