Goal AI Assist



Note: Goal AI Assistant is an opt-in-only feature. Your organization will not automatically be enrolled. Please contact your Program Architect or Customer Success Manager to enable.

The Goal AI Assistant leverages user data within Betterworks to generate suggested goals for that user. The benefit is to streamline the goal creation process using best practices while explaining why goals were suggested and what data was used.

The Goal AI Assistant considers data on the given user across all available modules. A user's job title and department will also be used to help provide relevant goals to the user.

The feature provides both business goals and developmental goals.

Users can input keywords to guide the assistant in the suggestion of additional goals after the first round of suggestions are provided. Also, users can select goals and have them imported directly into the Betterworks goal creation page. 


1. Navigate to the Goals module and click "Create Goals".

2. Click "Goal Assist".

3. Define which business period you're creating goals.

  • This informs the assistant to analyze data from the previous business period.

4. Click "Generate".

  • A list of suggested goals will be generated.
    • The list will contain a mix of business and developmental goals.
  •  Each goal will have an explanation.
    • The explanation will contain the data that was used to suggest the goal.

5. Select which goals you'd like to keep and click "Add Selected Goals". 

6. Optional - Enter in keywords or phrases in the "Ask to Suggest More" box.

7. Optional - Click "Generate".

  • The newly suggested goals will display at the bottom of the list under the "New" line.


8. Click "Add Selected Goals" to import the goals into the goal creation page.

9. Optional - Add milestones and/or attributes in the right-side panel.

  • The scope ("Business" or "Developmental") will also be carried over.


  • Only goals will be suggested by the assistant, not milestones.
  • Attributes aside from scope will not be pre-populated.
  • The time it takes the Goal AI Assistant to suggest goals is dependent on the amount of data it has to analyze.
    • It may take anywhere from a few seconds to a minute. 
  • The name of the Goal AI Assistant is dependent on the custom naming (or lack thereof) defined in the Admin module (Admin → Platform Configuration → Naming). 
    • If your administrator changed "Goals" to "Objectives", you'll see an "Objective Assist" button, instead of a "Goal Assist" button. 

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