Goal Filtering & Exports


Custom Views

When you apply a set of filters to a goal list, you’re creating a view. You can save custom views for later use or update existing views and save the changes.

Available Filters


Create Custom View

1. Click the Goals module at the top of Betterworks.

2. Click "+" to expose customization options:


3. If you are creating a view of goals that you don't own, be sure to remove the "Owner" filter.

4. Add filters to create the view and click "Save as new filter":


5. Enter a name for the filter and click "Save":


Note: You can copy/paste the URL of your view to share it with others.  

6. The filter will appear as a new tab beneath the Goals module. 


Note: As you add filters, this tab's name will change to "More" and become a drop-down.

Find Missing Goals

Goal gone missing? Here are two ways to find it:

Toggle To A Different Quarter

By default, the Goals list page shows goals that are active as of "Today". However, you can toggle to a previous or future quarter:



Filter for Individual Goals

If toggling to a different quarter doesn't bring up the goal that you're looking for, go to "Advanced Filters" and search for the goal by name:


Other Ways to Visualize Goals

The default way to visualize your goals is in a list:


However, you can switch to an alignment chart:


Or, to a dashboard:


Export Goals

Goals can be exported to either PowerPoint (PPT) or Excel (XLS):



  • Super Admins and Admins will have a maximum of 5000 rows when exporting goals to XLS, HR Admins, managers, and other users will have a maximum of 100 rows.
  • Goals aligned upwards, those lacking milestones, or without added comments will not be included in the exported PowerPoint report.