Program Management: Performance Snapshot

Who is the Performance Snapshot for?

The Performance Snapshot is a feature for all users (administrators, managers, and employees):


Note: Existing visibility configurations still apply to prevent users from viewing content that they don't have access to elsewhere in the Betterworks application.

What does the Performance Snapshot provide?

Note: Confidential questions and responses will not display in the detailed print view of the Performance Snapshot. Team goals will not display or contribute towards the number of goals or completion % listed.

The Performance Snapshot shows:

  • % of goal completion
  • # of cheers received on goals
  • # of completed conversations and conversation details
    • If it's a two-way conversation, both the manager and the direct report must share their responses before the conversation data appears in the Performance Snapshot.
  • Amount of feedback received and feedback details
  • Amount of recognition received and recognition content
  • Calibration details (if the organization is utilizing calibration)
    • This will only be applicable if the organization uses the matrix chart. Organizations with histogram-only calibration cycles will not see this data in the Performance Snapshot.


Users can click the print icon in the Performance Snapshot to print or save a PDF of performance details.