Platform Configuration: Language

What languages are available in Betterworks?

The language feature allows Betterworks customers with employees in different countries to localize the language. Currently, there are 28 options available.

How do I set the language for my organization? 

Administrators can set the language for their organization by going to Admin → Platform Configuration → Organization settings→ Language.

How do I set the language for a specific user?

Admin Module

Administrators can set a specific user's language through the Admin module by going to Admin → User Management → Departments and users → Users → Individual update.

CSV Upload

On the user template that is uploaded through manual CSV or sent automatically through the HRIS integration, there is a 'locale' field. Enter the designated locale value for a user and it will automatically adjust their Betterworks language accordingly.

The values are as follows:


To learn more about the Betterworks API and how to set it up for your organization, see our Developer Documentation as well as the following articles:

The below example is a way to update a user's language through the API:


How do users set the language in their own profile?

You can set the language by going to Profile drop-down menu → My Settings → User Settings → Language.

Note: Notifications will be received in the user's local language. However, certain aspects of the application (i.e. custom naming, goal names, comments, etc.) will not be translated.