User Management: Users (CSV Upload)


Build & Upload the Department CSV File

If you include new departments in your user CSV file, they will automatically be created in Betterworks. However, if your organization has a parent/child department structure (i.e. Accounts Payable rolls up to Finance), use the department CSV file template in the Resources section below. 

1. Prepare the department CSV file (standard UTF-8 encoding).

Note: If your organization has parent departments, each parent department must be listed as a department in the "name" field and in the "parent" field so that child departments can be mapped to it. If a parent department is only listed in the "parent" field, the file will return an error. 


2. Go to Admin → User Management → Departments and Users → Departments → CSV Upload.


2. Upload the department CSV file and correct any errors. 

3. Save.

Note: You can also use this method to deactivate departments. However, the department that you are attempting to deactivate cannot contain active users. You will need to reassign the users to an active department or leave the users without a department assignment.

Build & Upload the User CSV File

Note: To update users individually, see this article. To update users via our HRIS integration, see this article.

In the Resources section below, you'll find user file templates and explanation documents. The explanation documents will provide you with information about each field, including the formatting that you'll need to use. 

1. Prepare the user CSV file (standard UTF-8 encoding)

  • If your employee IDs have leading zeros (i.e. 000123), prevent the leading zeros from being dropped when the file is saved by entering an apostrophe before the employee ID (i.e. '000123). 
  • Make sure that if your employee IDs are in text format and you're updating users, the capitalization matches between the platform and the CSV file to prevent errors.
  • Ensure that your file is using a comma (,) as the column separator as opposed to a semi-colon (;) by opening the file in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and selecting Data → Convert → Commas. 

2. Go to Admin → User Management → Departments and users → Users → CSV upload.


3. Upload the user CSV file and correct any errors.

4. Save.


For organizations who have Advanced Analytics through our partnership with Visier, please refer to the following resources:

Deactivating An Existing User

If the deactivation date is in the past, the user will be deactivated immediately. If the date is in the future, our application will deactivate the user on the date specified. 

When a user is deactivated:

  • They can no longer log into Betterworks.
  • The user's profile will no longer display in search results. 
  • They will no longer be counted towards licenses (aka seats).
  • Their manager will be notified via an automated email.
  • Their goals and milestones will remain active and searchable, but their manager or an administrator should delete or re-assign the goals and milestones.
  • The owner of any goals that the deactivated user is associated with (i.e. they owned a related milestone or had an aligned goal) will be notified via automated email.
  • They will no longer display in some administrator reports unless the report was generated with that option selected (i.e. "include deactivated users").


Can I add custom fields?

Yes. See this article for more information. 

Why am I not seeing the new departments I uploaded in Betterworks?

When first uploading a CSV file with new departments, the data may take up to 2 hours to process.