User Management: Groups

What Are Groups?

Groups are used by administrators to manage users into specific categories to be used elsewhere in the platform. For example, you'd like to launch a conversation cycle, but only want to include users who were hired in the last 3 months and you want to exclude users who are not in North America. You can create a group containing new hires in North America.

Groups cannot be assigned to objectives or key results, so they are mostly used by administrators to make other aspects of Betterworks platform simpler. Departments and teams are other ways users are organized. To learn more, see this article.

Create A Group

1. Navigate to Admin → User Management → Groups

2. Click "Create"

3. Type a name for the group and use the "Include" and/or "Exclude" parameters to create your Group

4. You can also search for individuals and add them manually using the "Additional Members" tab.

5. Click "Save" 


Use the Group

You can then use this group of users as participants in a conversation template (Step 2: Select Participants):


Groups can also be used when assigning HR Admins their scope: