Integrations: Microsoft Azure DevOps



Microsoft Azure DevOps is an end-to-end solution to implement application planning, development, delivery, and operations. For organizations that use Microsoft Azure DevOps for project or task management, Betterworks offers an integration to help you track your team's activity by connecting work items to milestones and syncing progress.


In Microsoft Azure DevOps

As a Microsoft Azure DevOps administrator, go to Organizational Settings → Policies → Enable "Third-party application access via OAuth."

In Betterworks

As a Betterworks Super Admin, go to Admin → Platform Configuration → Third-part integrations → Azure DevOps → Set Up.

From there:

1. Toggle on the option.

2. Enter your credentials.

3. Click "Authenticate".

4. Click "Save". 


Once you've created a goal in Betterworks, the Microsoft Azure DevOps integration will be available as an integration when creating or editing your milestone.

Select the project and work items. "Search for work items" also includes advanced search in the same search box. To explore the advanced search, see this article from Microsoft.

After you've created or updated the goal, the integration will automatically be synced to the milestone and progress that has been made. 

Data Sync

Automatic Sync: The integration captures data from Microsoft Azure DevOps and automatically updates the progress of your milestones in Betterworks every hour.

Manual Sync: You can also choose to manually sync the progress on your milestones by going to "My Goals," choosing the relevant goal, clicking on its corresponding milestone, and opening the right-side panel. From there, click the three horizontal dots and select "Sync" from the drop-down menu.

Note: You may need to refresh your internet browser as well to see the changes reflected.

Real-time Usage

Connect your goals and milestones with work items in Microsoft Azure DevOps and track progress. 


What is the "Connection Name"?

It is a unique name defined to identify different connections when connecting work items to milestones.

Can we add multiple connections?

Yes, multiple connections can be added with unique connection names.