Integrations: UKG Pro



Organizations can utilize the Betterworks UKG Pro integration to sync user data changes from UKG to Betterworks on a regular basis. This automates the process of:

  • Creating new users
  • Updating user information (i.e. change in manager, department, etc.)
  • Deactivating users who are no longer with your organization

The UKG Pro integration is incremental, meaning that during the first sync, it will not pull in all users from a customer’s UKG Pro instance. It will only track incremental changes (new users, deactivated users, and user updates) that occur on and after the date of the first sync. As such, customers must ensure that all of their user data is imported using another method before connecting to UKG Pro.


  •  On Jan. 1st, Jane Smith imported all of Acme Corp.’s employees into Betterworks through a manual CSV upload. The upload created 98 new users, making the total # of users in Acme Corp.’s Betterworks instance 100.
  • Between Jan. 2nd and June 30th, Acme Corp. hired 20 more employees.
  • On July 1st, Jane connected Acme Corp.’s UKG Pro instance to Betterworks through our UKG Pro integration. However, she had not done any more data imports during the previous months or immediately before enabling the integration.
  • On July 2nd, Acme Corp. hired 1 more employee. Due to the UKG Pro integration, 1 more user was created in Betterworks, bringing the total # of users to 101. However, the total # of users should have been 121 to match the # of employees in Acme Corp.’s UGK Pro instance.


Note: Do not complete step 4 until a member of the Support Team has asked you to do so. Completing this step early will result in integration errors. 

1. Contact the Betterworks Support Team ( who will work with you to:

  • Ensure that all user data in Betterworks is up-to-date
  • Collect additional configuration details that will need to be applied on the backend

2. Create a Service Account in UKG Pro by: 

  • Going to System Configuration → Security → Service Account Administration
  • Granting permissions in the following 3 categories
    • Company Configuration Integration
    • Employee Export
    • Personal Integration

3. Retrieve the Customer API Key and base API URL (aka the API Host URL) by:

  • Going to System Configuration → Web Services

4. Enter and save your UKG Pro instance details in Betterworks by:

  • Going to Admin → Platform Configuration → Integrations → Third-party Integrations → UKG → Setup

    Note: When you enter the API Host URL, add an 's' so that the URL begins with 'https' (instead of 'http'). The 's' triggers a secure connection. 

Field Mapping

The fields below are mapped automatically. 

Note: UKG Pro allows organizations to customize label names. As such, the label names shown above may not be an exact match to your configuration. However, API names are static.  

Data Sync

Once the connection is created the sync will initiate between UKG Pro and Betterworks. Following the first sync, a new sync will occur every 24 hours. 


  • Sync Failure: If the data sync between UKG Pro and Betterworks fails, verify that the credentials provided for UKG Pro and ensure that the UKG Pro API is accessible and not experiencing any downtime or connectivity issues.
  • Missing Data: Ensure that user accounts or data meet the criteria for syncing, including being active and not excluded based on filters. Check field mapping in the integration settings.
  • Incorrect Credentials Error: Check for typos in the username, password, API URL, and API Key.


How often does the data sync occur between UKG Pro and Betterworks?

The data sync between UKG Pro and Betterworks occurs every 24 hours from the time of the last sync. This ensures that updates to user information, new users, and user deactivations are reflected in Betterworks regularly.

What happens if there is a failure in the data sync process?

In case of a failure in the data sync process, it is essential to troubleshoot the issue by verifying the credentials, connectivity, and configuration settings. Once the issue is resolved, the sync will resume automatically based on the defined schedule.

How can I track the status and progress of the data sync between UKG Pro and Betterworks?

Betterworks sends an automated email notification to the Technical Contact if there is an error. The notification contains a report that lists the errors and links to this article for potential solutions.