Integrations: Outlook (Administrators)



Note: If you'd like to know how your team will use the add-in, see this article.  

Betterworks offers an add-in for Outlook that allows users to view, update, and manage their goals and milestones directly from their inbox. This feature is available for organizations that use Exchange Server or Office 365. As a Microsoft administrator, you can configure and customize the add-in for your organization, as well as manage user access. This means that you can determine who should have access to the add-in and how it should be deployed within your organization. By controlling these aspects, you can ensure that the plugin is installed and used in a way that aligns with your organization's needs and policies.


The add-in uses the "ReadItem" access/permission to read the information about the goal being viewed. 


Outlook Web Application


A user's OS does not impact the web application.

Outlook Desktop Application


  • Windows 8.1 users must have the Edge WebView2 (Chromium-based) internet browser installed. Internet Explorer is not compatible with the Betterworks Outlook add-in.
  • Windows 10 users must have a minimum version of 1903 and Office 365 client version

Additional Resources

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Note: To install the add-in you must be a Microsoft administrator within your organization.

1. Go to your Microsoft administrator panel.

2. Navigate to Settings → Integrated apps → Add-ins.

3. Select the option "Choose from the Store".

4. Search for the Betterworks add-in and select it to begin the installation process.

5. Choose which users/groups will have access to enable it based on their MS Active Directory. This can be set to:

  • Everyone
  • Specific users/groups
  • Only administrators

6. Choose a deployment option.

  • Fixed (default): The add-in will be automatically deployed and cannot be removed by users.
  • Available: Users can choose to enable the add-in themselves.
  • Optional: The add-in will automatically be deployed, but users have the option to remove it.

Note: After selecting the desired deployment option, it may take up to 6 hours for the deployment to take effect.


  • Ensure that the add-in is enabled in Outlook.
    • Go to File → Options → Add-ins → Manage COM Add-ins.
  • Ensure that the user has the necessary permissions to access the add-in.
  • Clear the Outlook cache and restart the application.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the add-in.
  • If you are missing expected users:
    • Make sure that the distribution settings are correctly configured in the admin center.
    • Check any user settings that might prevent automatic installation of the plugin.
    • Ensure that users facing the issue use the updated and licensed outlook.
    • Please Note: changes to settings take at-least 24 hours to take affect.

Note: If you don't see your issue listed above, please reach out to the Betterworks Support Team —