Integrations: Gmail (Users)



The Betterworks Gmail integration is a useful tool that allows you to connect your Gmail account to Betterworks and streamline your workflow. You can easily view and update your own goals and milestones, view others' goals and milestones, provide and receive feedback, and more.


Note: The integration is made available via a Google Chrome extension, therefore it is only accessible within the Google Chrome browser.  

In order to use the extension, you must have a Gmail account and an active Betterworks account.


If your administrator has installed this extension on behalf of your organization skip to Using the Extension. Otherwise, follow the steps below to install it. 

Note: If you already have an older version of the extension, remove it first. 

1. View the extension in the Google Chrome store.

2. Click "Add to Chrome". 

3. Back in Gmail, open the right-side panel of your inbox.

4. Click "Log In". 

5. Enter your Betterworks login credentials. 

6. Click "Confirm". 

Using the Extension

View/update your goals and milestones

Once you're logged into Gmail, the panel will display your Goals by default.


1. Click on the goal to display the list of milestones.
2. Enter your update (you can also add a comment).
3. Click "Update" to save your changes.

View other peoples' goals and milestones and comment, cheer, or nudge them
1. Click on any email from anyone in your organization who has a Betterworks account or search for them.
2. Click "View More" to display a list of their public goals.
3. You can cheer, nudge, and comment.


Search for another user

Click on the magnifying glass icon and begin typing the person's name.


Keep track of active conversations with due dates
You can see the count of active conversations with due dates. To take action you will be redirected to the Betterworks web application.


Request feedback about yourself

1. Click "Request". 

2. Choose yourself as the user.

3. Choose the feedback template. You will be able to view the questions. 

3. Select the provider(s).

4. Click "Request" again. 


Request feedback about your direct reports (managers only)

1. Click "Request". 

2. Choose your direct report as the user.

3. Choose a template. You will be able to view the questions. 

4. Select the provider(s). 

5. Click "Request" again. 


Give Feedback

1. Go to any email from the user that you'd like to give feedback to.

2. Click "Give"

3. Choose a template. You will be able to view the questions.

4. Enter feedback. 

5. Click "Send". 



Real-time usage

  • Quickly update your goals with the extension.
  • Open someone’s email to give/request feedback.

  • Add agenda topics for an upcoming 1:1.


If the extension is not functioning as expected, we recommend trying these troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure that your Betterworks calendar is in the future.
  • Check if you have the latest version of the extension installed.
    • To do this, click on the vertical ellipsis icon on the top-right of your browser toolbar → Select More Tools → Extensions. From there, click "Developer Mode" on the right side of the header followed by "Update".
  • Make sure you have entered the correct login credentials.
  • If the data in your extension is unable to load, refresh it via the refresh icon at the top-right.
  • If you encounter unknown errors, right-click the extension followed by "Reload Frame".

If you are still encountering issues after troubleshooting, please reach out to Betterworks Support for further assistance —


Can I add the extension for everyone within my organization?

If you are a Gmail administrator, you will have this ability. See this Google article for more information. You can also refer to this Betterworker Support article.

What will the extension display if I click on an email from someone outside my organization?

You will see your own name and Betterworks data.

If an email thread has multiple people, what data will display?

You will see the goals of the person who replied last.