Integrations: Udemy



Note: This integration is currently only available to organizations that have both a Betterworks Enterprise subscription and a Udemy for Business subscription. 

The Betterworks Udemy integration enables organizations to seamlessly connect their Udemy subscription to Betterworks, facilitating efficient tracking of courses and the achievement of learning goals for employees.

By enabling this integration, administrators and employees can streamline and optimize learning and development processes. 


Note: In order to enable the integration, you must be an administrator in Betterworks and an administrator in Udemy. 

1. In Udemy, activate the API to acquire the credentials. If you require assistance with activating the API, we recommend reaching out to the Udemy for Business Support Team.

2. In Betterworks, go to Admin → Platform Configuration → Integrations → Third-party Integrations → Udemy → Set Up.

3. Click "Save". A green success banner will display letting you know that the integration is ready for use.


Once the integration is enabled, all users will be able to see the integration as part of the milestone creation process.

1. Click on the Udemy icon to access your organization's Udemy account. 

2. Enter a keyword to search for a specific course. 

3. Select one or more courses that you'd like to track. 

4. Click "Save". 

Data Sync

  • Automatic: The Betterworks Udemy integration captures data from Udemy and automatically updates the progress of your milestones in Betterworks every 3 hours.

  • Manual: You can also choose to manually sync the progress on your milestones by going to "My Goals," choosing the relevant goal, clicking on the corresponding milestone, and opening the right-side panel. From there, click the three horizontal dots and select "Sync" to update the progress manually.

Note: You may need to refresh your internet browser as well to see the changes reflected.

Real-time Usage

Connect your milestones to Udemy courses and track your learning progress.


If you encounter issues during the integration setup or while using the integration, here are some troubleshooting steps to consider:

  • Confirm your Udemy credentials: Ensure that the credentials you entered are accurate, including any required access tokens or API keys.

  • Verify API activation: Ensure that you have activated the API in the Udemy application correctly. If you need help, contact the Udemy for Business Support Team for assistance.

  • Confirm permissions: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions and administrative access in both Betterworks and Udemy applications to enable and utilize the integration.

  • Contact the Support Team: If the troubleshooting steps above do not resolve the problem, reach out to the Support Teams of Betterworks or Udemy for further assistance. Provide them with detailed information about the issue, including any error messages or screenshots, for a quicker resolution.


How often will my Udemy progress sync?

Every 3 hours.

I am a Betterworks customer. Is there a trial version of Udemy for Business that I can activate and test this integration with?

Not at this time. This integration is meant for customers with an active Udemy for Business subscription.

If I have Udemy for Business + CorpU, will I be able to connect CorpU content to my Betterworks key results?

Not at this time.

Does this integration also cover custom content added by us in Udemy for Business?

Yes. If you have loaded an internally-developed course in Udemy for Business, it will display among the course options.

Can we connect to a learning path?

Not at this time.

Can you connect to an existing learning item from a user's "My Learnings" page?

Not at this time.

What units can be used to measure progress?

The available unit is a percentage.

How does Betterworks calculate the percentage completion with multiple courses connected to a milestone?

We calculate the percentage using the average of completion across courses.