Integrations: Salesforce (Administrators)



Note: The Betterworks Salesforce integration is only available to Betterworks Enterprise customers. 

The Betterworks Salesforce integration allows Betterworks users to connect Betterworks milestones to Salesforce reports so that progress can be updated automatically within the flow of work. By default, your organization will be issued 30 Salesforce licenses. These licenses are generally meant for administrators and executives (i.e. Vice President of Sales, Director of Operations, etc.) as they are often the persons responsible for setting up and monitoring Salesforce reports. As such, they can easily connect Betterworks milestones to Salesforce reports, then assign the milestones to other users.


Jane Smith is the Vice President of Sales at Acme Corp. and has been granted a Salesforce license. She creates a goal and assigns it to the Sales Team. Within the goal, Jane creates 10 milestones and connects each of them to a Salesforce report. She then assigns each milestone to one of her direct reports. In this scenario, Jane is the only user who needs a license because she is the only user connecting milestones to Salesforce reports. 

Note: For more information about using the integration, see this article


To enable the Salesforce integration, you will need to be a Super Admin in your organization's Betterworks instance and an administrator in your organization's Salesforce instance.


1. Create a new Salesforce user (username = BetterworksUser) that the integration will utilize for data collection. When asked to add an email address, enter your own.

2.  Create a Salesforce profile with the following settings:

  • Managed Package Licenses enabled
  • Apex REST Services enabled
  • API enabled
  • Read-only permissions

Note: The read-only permissions may need to be increased if access is insufficient. However, do your best to match the lowest access level of any Salesforce user in your organization who also has a Betterworks account. A higher level of access may expose sensitive data to the rest of your organization. 

3. Assign BetterworksUser to the newly created Salesforce profile. 

4. You should receive an email to create/reset the password for BetterworksUser. Follow the instructions in the email.

5. Go to your user profile icon in the top-right corner of Salesforce and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

6. Select "Reset My Security Token" from the right-side panel. The security token will be sent to your email address. Save your password and security token for a later part of the setup process. If you do not see the "Reset My Security Token" option, this indicates that you do not have any IP restrictions. If this is the case a security token is not required and it will not be needed.

7. Download the Betterworks Managed Package.

8. Select "Install for All Users".

9. Select "Upgrade or Install".

10. Once the installation is complete, you'll be taken to the "Manage Licenses" page. 

Note: To assign/remove licenses in the future, go to Setup → Build → Installed Packages → Manage Licenses. Or, go to Setup → App Setup → Develop → Installed Packages.

11. Assign Salesforce licenses to Betterworks users (limit 30). As mentioned previously, the only users who need Salesforce licenses are those who will be connecting Betterworks milestones to Salesforce reports. It can take up to two hours after the integration setup for the Salesforce icon to appear.  


1. Log into Betterworks.

2. Go to Admin → Platform Configuration → Integrations → Third-party Integrations.

3. Click "Set Up" to expand the Salesforce integration section and enable it.

4. Enter the BetterworksUser credentials.

  • If you did not need to generate a security token, enter your password
  • If you did need to generate a security token, enter your password immediately followed by the security token with no spaces in between (i.e. if your password is "1234567" and your security token is "abcdefg", enter "1234567abcdefg")

5. Enter the Host URL. The instance your Salesforce organization uses is generally indicated in the URL of your browser's address bar.  If you're unsure of how to find your Host URL, use this resource from Salesforce.

6. Enter the applicable credentials and host URL and click "Connect".

Note: We recommend disabling password updates for users who will use the Salesforce integration regularly. Requiring password updates for them may prevent the integration from functioning correctly.


Ensure that:

  • You have the necessary permissions in both Betterworks and Salesforce to set up the integration.
  • The BetterworksUser has the required Salesforce profile settings enabled.
  • You've entered your credentials correctly in Betterworks, including any security tokens if required.

If you are still encountering issues, contact  


What are the best practices for managing failed Salesforce login attempts?

Please see this Salesforce resource.

How can I revoke access to the integration for a specific user?

To revoke access for a specific user, simply remove their Salesforce license in the Betterworks Managed Package or disable their user account in Salesforce.