Integrations: Salesforce (Users)



The Betterworks Salesforce integration allows Betterworks users to connect Betterworks milestones to Salesforce reports so that progress can be updated automatically within the flow of work. 


Note: The Betterworks Salesforce integration must be enabled by your Betterworks administrator. To learn more, see this article

In order for users to connect a Betterwork milestone to a Salesforce report, they must have a Salesforce license. You do not need a Salesforce license if you're only assigned to a Salesforce-connected milestone and not doing the actual connecting yourself. These licenses are generally meant for administrators and executives (i.e. Vice President of Sales, Director of Operations, etc.) as they are often the persons responsible for setting up and monitoring Salesforce reports.  

1. Add or update a milestone. 

3. Go to the right-side panel and scroll down to "Integrations".

4. Click the Salesforce icon (blue cloud). 

5. Search for and select a Salesforce report. 

6. Once you've connected the Salesforce report, choose where to pull the milestone's value from. Available summary fields will appear in the "Select Field" drop-down menu. If the unit matches a Betterworks default unit (i.e. dollars or percent), the unit will import. However, you'll also have the option to select a custom unit.

7. (Optional) Use the "Group by to select key fields" function from your Salesforce report.

8. Save the Salesforce report and you'll be taken back to the milestone.

9. Set the target metric for the milestone and click "Submit". The Salesforce icon will display next to the milestone on the Goals list page.

Data Sync

  • Automatic sync: The Betterworks Salesforce integration captures data from Salesforce and automatically updates the progress of your milestone in Betterworks every hour.
  • Manual Sync: You can manually sync the progress on your milestones by going to Goals → My Goals, selecting the relevant goal, clicking on its corresponding milestone, and opening the right-side panel. From there, click the three horizontal dots and select "Sync" from the drop-down menu to update the progress. This will take a few minutes.

Real-time Usage

Connecting a milestone. 

Syncing progress manually.


  • Confirm that the user attempting to connect milestones to Salesforce reports has a Salesforce license in the Betterworks Managed Package. Only these users will have the ability to create an automatic connection.
  • When searching for a Salesforce report to connect, ensure that you enter the correct report name. If the report doesn't appear in the search results, verify that the report exists in Salesforce and is accessible to the user.


How often is progress updated?

Once per hour.

Why can't I select a summary field for a Salesforce-connected milestone?

Check the Salesforce report to confirm there is a summary field. If there is a summary field and you cannot select it for your milestone, there may be custom objects within the report that the Salesforce integration cannot access.

Can I push Betterworks data back to Salesforce?

Not at this time.

Can I connect my milestones to other Salesforce records?

We currently only support connections to Salesforce reports.

Can I connect multiple Salesforce reports to one Betterworks milestone?

Yes, simply add the relevant report IDs to the milestone in Betterworks.

Can I assign a Salesforce-connected milestone to a user who does not have a Salesforce license?

Yes, you can assign the milestone to any user, even if they do not have a Salesforce license.