Integrations: Github



The GitHub integration allows GitHub users to track development work and their activity to automatically drive progress on their goals in Betterworks.

With authentication from their individual GitHub account, a user has access to any of their GitHub organizations or repositories from within Betterworks. Users can employ filters to locate specific pull requests or issues to integrate and track progress in Betterworks.

Note: This integration is for the web version of GitHub ( Users will not be able to connect to an Enterprise edition.


As long as an administrator has enabled the GitHub integration, the option will be available to all users on the goal creation/edit page. Super Admins can enable the GitHub integration by going to Admin→ Platform Configuration→ Integrations → Third-party integrations → Github → Enable


On the goal creation/edit page, simply click on a milestone and select the GitHub icon. 

Click the GitHub logo to open the login window and enter their credentials. 

Once signed in, the first filter must be used to select either an organization or a repository in order to see either pull requests or issues in the results field.

Note: A milestone cannot be integrated with items across different organizations or repositories.

Once the first filter has been defined, you'll be able to set a list of custom filters from which they can manually select issues/requests. Alternatively, they can choose to "Sync all issues" so that the filters chosen define a dynamic list of requests or issues to track in Betterworks. As issues are closed and pull requests are either merged or closed, progress will be reflected in Betterworks.

Data Sync

Automatic Sync: Automatically updates the progress of your milestones in Betterworks every hour.

Manual Sync: You can also choose to manually sync the progress on your milestones by going to "My Goals," and choosing the relevant goal. From there, click the three horizontal dots and select "Sync" from the drop-down menu to update the progress manually.

Note: You may need to refresh your internet browser as well to see the changes reflected.


If progress is not updating check if progress locking is on. Progress locking is a sub-set of goal locking and extends to milestones connected to third-party applications through our various integrations. If your milestone is connected to Github, any progress made in Github will not impact the milestone when progress locking is on.

Real-time Usage

Connect your milestones to the GitHub repository and track your GitHub issues.


Can I integrate with multiple organizations or repositories?

No, a single milestone can only be integrated with items from a single organization or repository.

Ensure that you select the appropriate organization or repository during the integration setup.

What should I do if the integration is not capturing the expected data?

Ensure that the filters you've set up accurately reflect the pull requests or issues you'd like to track. If necessary, adjust the filters to capture the desired data.