Integrations: Slack (Administrators)




The Betterworks Slack integration (aka Betterworks Slackbot) allows users to receive notifications about activity in Betterworks right in Slack (i.e. cheers, nudges, @mentions, etc.). With the Slackbot, real-time notifications are sent in the same tool that you use to communicate and get work done every day, so you can stay up-to-date with the goals that are most important to you and your organization.

Note: This integration is meant to be used with Slack's Pro and Business+ plans. The Slack Enterprise plan is not fully supported.

Enabling the Slack Integration

A Betterworks Super Admin — who is also the Slack workspace administrator — can enable the Betterworks Slackbot for their entire organization.

Note: Before installing the Slackbot, ensure that all users are properly added to the Slack workspace. This involves verifying that invited users have accepted their invitations and have fully set up their Slack profiles with all necessary details. Additionally, make sure that the email addresses of users are consistent between Slack and Betterworks.

1. Go to Admin → Platform Configuration → Third-party integrations → Slack → Set Up

2. Click "Install".

3. Authorize Betterworks to access your Slack workspace.

  • You will see the following screen if you are the Slack workspace administrator or have the required permissions to enable the bot:

  • If not, you will see a screen similar to this:

Once authenticated, the button in the Betterworks Admin module will change to "Re-install" and can be used whenever you have new users who have joined the Slack workspace or, to upgrade the bot version. 

You can designate a Slack channel specifically for recognition by enabling the "Share recognition submitted to a Slack channel" option. Do not include the hashtag (#) in your channel name.

Once this is done in Betterworks, go to your Slack channel → View all members → Integrations → Apps → Add an app → and select the Betterworks bot.


  • The integration is meant to be used with Slack's Pro and Business+ plans. The Slack Enterprise plan is not fully supported.
  • The integration only supports one workspace per organization.
  • The Betterworks Slackbot should not be installed via the Apps directory in Slack. It must be installed via the Betterworks Admin module to function.
  • If you've enabled the "Share recognition submitted to a Slack channel" option, be sure to invite the Betterworks Slackbot to the designated channel.


What should I do if I'm a Betterworks Super Admin, but not the Slack workspace administrator?

You should take action based on the Slack policy set by the organization at the workspace level. This may involve getting approval from the workspace administrator or following specific steps outlined by the organization.

Can I use the Slack integration for a select group of users?

Not at this time. Once the Betterworks Slackbot is enabled, it's enabled for your entire organization as long as your users have Slack accounts.

Does the Slack integration work with multiple teams?

Not at this time. The Betterworks Slackbot only works with one Slack team per organization. If your organization has multiple teams in Slack, you may consider consolidating them into one team and using channels to separate conversations.

How does Betterworks handle the privacy of customer data?

Please see the Betterworks privacy policy for information on how Betterworks collects, manages, and stores customer data.

Can I disable the Slack integration?

Yes. You can uninstall the Betterworks app from the Betterworks Admin module.