Release: Jan. 9th, 2024

Released to Production Environment on Jan. 9th

*** Any mobile or integration updates are subject to approval by the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and/or the application that Betterworks is integrating with. *** 


  • Calibration:
    • Anytime conversation templates cannot be mapped to Calibration cycles, so they have been removed from the Calibration cycle creation flow (drop-down menu in Step 4) to reduce confusion

Bug Fixes

  • 1:1s:
    • A bug that caused reminder notifications to go out ~2 hours before a 1:1 (instead of ~1 hour before a 1:1) has been fixed
  • Analytics: 
    • A bug that caused an 'Unable to show the visual' error message to display when users attempted to view feedback data in the Advanced Analytics dashboard has been fixed
  • Conversations:
    • A bug that caused a conversation's status to reset from 'In Progress' to 'Not Started' when participants began answering confidential questions has been fixed
  • Engage:
    • A bug that caused terminated managers to display in poll reports has been fixed
    • A bug that caused the dimension drop-down menu in poll reports to display the complete list of dimensions, instead of only displaying the dimensions associated with the participants in the poll, has been fixed
  • Integrations:
    • In the Betterworks bot for MS Teams, the wording of one of the conversation notifications has been updated for clarity

Released to Preview Environment on Jan. 9th 


  • Integrations:
    • Users can now enable/disable the Weekly Summary notification that comes through the Betterworks bot MS Teams from within Betterworks (Name → Settings → Notifications)
    • Logic has been added so that Betterworks bot for MS Teams will not send notifications if System Notifications have been disabled in Betterworks

Bug Fixes

  • Analytics:
    • In the Execution Insights dashboard, a bug that caused all user goals to display when 'View Goals' was selected for a specific user, has been fixed

*** All release items are subject to change. ***

Upcoming Release Schedule

Due to the holidays, the upcoming Betterworks releases will occur on the following dates. 

  • Jan. 16th, 2024
  • Jan. 30th, 2024