Release: June 21st, 2022

Production Environment

The next production release for Betterworks App Environments will be on July 5th, 2022


  • Engage:
    • Offer a toggle button to enable sending survey via SMS


  • Engage:
    • Survey reminders will no longer be sent to terminated users (even if the survey was launched prior to their termination)
    • Tenure values will now be displayed in an easy-to-read format
    • Surveys will now show participants which question number they are answering (i.e. 2 of 10)

Bug Fixes:

  • Engage:
    • Dynamic tenure dimensions now getting automatically added in lifecycle analysis 
    • Options for survey (multi-select questions) formatting fixed



Preview Environment: Coming In 2 Weeks


  • Platform:
    • HRIS Uploads can now include nullified fields to clear out data by using "BW_NULL" value
    • Admin User Management UX improvements (new search filter available in Admin Management)
    • Goal and User search can be expanded to support page sizes up to 500 
  • Conversations:
    • Super Admins will now be able to include up to 25 options for multi-select and scale type questions
  • Feedback:
    • Super Admins will now be able to set a hard work limit for answers
    • Super Admins will now be able to set optional questions (all anytime feedback)
    • Super Admins will now be able to include up to 25 options for multi-select and scale type questions
    • Description box will now be available for use in Anytime Give and Scheduled Feedback templates
  • Mobile (Betterworks iOS and Android apps):
    • Skip level managers will now be able to view conversations on mobile (if the corresponding conversation template has been set up so that skip level managers have visibility)
    • Skip level managers will now be able to view feedback on mobile (if the corresponding feedback template has been set up so that skip level managers have visibility)
  • Engage
    • Benchmarks updated for 2022 


  • Analytics:
    • HR Admins will now be able to view the private objectives of users in their scope from the Manager Insights dashboard
    • Report notifications will now contain download buttons (as opposed to download links)
  • Calibration (formerly Performance):
    • The Manager Notifications Calibration Report will now display the respective box label from the calibration template
    • The 9box and histogram will now only update when there are talent record changes that directly impact them
    • The styling has been changed to display a clear icon in the session search box
  • Integrations:
    • The introduction text in the Betterworks app for MS Teams has been changed to show the correct Support email address
  • OKRs:
    • Error messages and icons will be added to the objective creation page so that users will know which aspects of their objective need to be changed before they can successfully submit it

Bug Fixes

  • Calibration (formerly Performance):
    • The "Select Participant" manager drop-down menu will now display all managers in scope
  • Conversations:
    • The alignment error of the "End Date" column (conversation list view) will be corrected
    • The Conversation module header will no longer be highlighted when a Super Admins goes to edit a conversation template (the Admin module header will be highlighted instead as that is where conversation templates reside)
    • If a Super Admin elects to have confidential questions made available during a scheduled conversation cycle, participants will no longer erroneously receive the confidential questions notification after the cycle has ended
    • HR Admins will no longer be able to see confidential questions submitted by their manager
    • Conversations list page no longer distorted for Skip-Level user
    • Updated column names in "My Conversation" tab
    • Headers will be displayed on Skip-Level conversation page
    • Console error will not be displayed for Admins when reviewing conversation if "back" button is selected
  • Engage:
    • Dynamic tenure dimensions will now be added automatically after setting it in Lifecycle Analysis
  • Feedback:
    •  For anytime give feedback, providers will no longer be able to save multiple feedback cards (from the same corresponding template) in a draft state 
    • For anytime give feedback, the recipient drop-down menu will now display preferred names
    • For anytime give feedback, changes made to a feedback template will no longer be reflected on feedback that is in-progress
    • All feedback cards will now load in the Firefox internet browser
    • Erroneous "Request feedback for 'user_name'" text will be corrected
    • Erroneous "'User_name' has not received any feedback yet" text will be corrected
    • The "Contributor" column (conversation list view) will no longer display multiple times when a user toggles from "Current" to "Past"
    • To-do alert will clear after Feedback has been given
    • Able to search in Feedback Request and Give tabs using users' full names 
    • Error notification will not appear in Feedback Give tab if user clicks on "cancel" 
    • Questions will be displayed for Anytime Feedback Request/Anytime Manager Feedback Request when providers are added to a feedback request
  • OKRs:
    • Private objectives will once again display a lock icon in the objectives list view
    • When progress is updated, the aria-label for screen readers will now update automatically (as opposed to requiring a page refresh)
  • Platform:
    • For API, the "assign roles" endpoint will now only return users who were modified for PUT calls
    • Error notifications related to our HRIS integration will include downloadable CSV files (as opposed to PGP files)

*All release updates are subject to change