Multi-language Surveys (User Interface)



  • This feature needs to be enabled by Betterworks. As an administrator, you'll need to loop in your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team —
  • It is strongly recommended that translations only be added after all survey text is finalized.
  • Sending a survey preview will send the preview in the default language, not in a translated language.

As an administrator, you can now add translations through the Engage user interface as an alternative to uploading translations. You'll be able to add/edit translations for introduction text, categories, questions, answer options and invite subject lines.

Survey Introduction & Invite Text 

Click "Edit translations" for each section of the survey communications to open the translation text box:



The message "[#] out of [#] languages ready" will show the progress for each section. Once all languages for that section have been added, the message will change to "All languages ready":


Once all of the communication translations have been added, you can move to the Questions section.

Survey Questions & Answers

While adding questions, you'll be able to add the translations in the same manner as you did for the introduction and invite text; by clicking "Edit translations":



Note: For Likert type questions, click the checkbox "use these translations for all Likert questions in this survey" to automatically add the answer option translation to all other questions for the same language:




Similar to the processes above, you'll click "Edit translations" in the Category section of a question to add the language translation for the category.