Multi-Language Surveys (Upload)




  • This feature needs to be enabled by Betterworks. As an administrator, you'll need to loop in your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team —
  • It is strongly recommended that translations only be added after all survey text has been finalized.
  • Do not change the file name or layout as this will result in an error during the upload process.
  • Your file must be in CSV UFT-8 (Comma delimited). We strongly recommend using Google Sheets (as opposed to Excel or Numbers).
  • You can also add translations directly from the user interface.

As an administrator, you can upload translations in order to launch multi-language surveys. This includes survey invite subject lines, introduction text, questions and answer options.

Setting Languages

Set the languages under Settings→ App settings → Languages:


Uploading Translations

1. Navigate to the appropriate survey, hover over it to show the "More" option and select "Edit" from the drop-down menu:


2. Choose the language that you need to translate the survey into, then click "Next Step: Questions":


3. Click "Download Template" at the bottom of the survey:


4. Select the language to be translated and click "Download Template":


5. In the file, you'll notice the English questions or scales in the first several columns and rows on the left. The "Translated Question/Survey Communication" column is where you'll need to paste the translated text. The scale used for the questions will appear to the right of the question. If there are numbers instead of text, you still need to include those numbers for the translated text:



6. Back in the Engage platform, click "Upload Translations" and and upload your translation file:


7. Once the file is uploaded, an email will be sent to you with any errors or messages that may have been found. You can fix the errors and re-upload as necessary.

Common Issues

  • Issue: The file doesn't load.
    • Cause: The name of the file you are uploading doesn't match the name of the template you downloaded at the beginning of the process. They must match.
  • Issue: The file doesn't load and there are a lot of errors in the log email.
    • Cause: The file was downloaded in the wrong format (XLS, HTML, TXT, etc.). It must be in CSV UFT-8 format. 
  • Issue: Translations with special characters are not coming through in the survey. Languages such as Cantonese or Mandarin that have unique fonts and characters can often be converted into English fonts.
    • Cause: The file was downloaded in the wrong format (XLS, HTML, TXT, etc.). It must be in CSV UFT-8 format. 

Note: The best way to see the raw data as it will be loaded into Engage is to view the final file in a text editor. Using Note Pad, Text Pad or a similar application will show you an unformatted file so that you you can easily see the translations that are about to be loaded:



What if I need to change some part of the survey text after I've already uploaded my translation?

Simply download the template again, make the necessary changes and re-upload the translation. These changes will not impact a survey that's already in progress, but will take effect the next time that survey is launched.

Can I see a sample?

Of course!

How can I ensure the correct translation is sent to the survey participants?

If 'Locale' information has been added within the User Management, then Engage will automatically select the relevant language for the participant. If 'Locale' information has not been added, participants can select their language choice from the drop down when accessing the survey link.