Organization-wide Survey Links


With the capability of administering surveys through a single organization-wide survey link (as opposed to a user-specific survey link), users who have not been uploaded to the Engage platform can still participate in surveys.

Note: This functionality needs to be enabled on the backend and is only done for specific use cases. Please reach out to your Betterworks Program Architect or CSM if you'd like to use this feature. 

Generating the Link

Once the feature has been enabled, administrators will be able to see the option to generate an organization-wide survey link, in the “Audience” section of the survey creation process:



The link can then be shared with the intended audience via the company’s internal communication channels.


Given that responses received using the link will not contain any demographic information, we recommend adding demographic questions as part of the survey so as to enable filtering of responses by those dimensions. 


  • Transforming demographic questions into filters through which you can analyze the survey results will require manual intervention from Betterworks. As such, please reach out to your Betterworks Program Architect or CSM before launching a survey with an organization-wide link. This will help you align on limitations, expectations and timelines.
  • Demographic data may not be 100% accurate as it will be self-declared by users.
  • Users (or anyone with the link) will be able to answer the survey multiple times as no identifiable information about the participant flows into the Engage platform.