Release: Dec. 14th, 2021

Production Environment


  • Bug Fixes:
    • The HRIS integration will no longer filter on hardcoded column names (allowing for inclusion of custom fields)
    • The "Learn more" text under Permission Settings → Edit (of any objective) will now go to the appropriate Knowledge Base article

* Due to an AWS outage, our release initially intended for December 7th, 2021 was postponed until December 14th, 2021. Future releases will not be impacted.

Preview Environment: Coming In (2) Weeks


  • Updates:
    • Execution Insights
      • There will now be an option to change the frequency of days (based on which metrics are being calculated)
      • Updated legends and help text
      • Updated heatmap colors
      • Heatmaps will now be clickable and guide users on how to read it
      • A new default error state has been added to the dashboard
    • Manager insights
      • A new action ("Request feedback") has been added to the feedback and recognition details table 
      • A new default error state has been added to the dashboard
  •  Bug Fixes:
    • The secondary menu under Program Management will be reordered
    • Recognition provided to multiple users will now be considered as 1 in both provided metrics for the individual count (this count is for the user who gives recognition)


  • Bug Fixes:
    • The auto-login URL will be removed from verification code emails (for additional security)
    • The "Introducing Focus Areas" pop-up modal will no longer get stuck onscreen after login


  • New: 
    • Calibration
      • There will now be a search bar on the Calibration landing page
      • Administrators with Super Admin permissions will now be able to rename the Calibration module
  • Updates:
    • Calibration
      • When filters are in use, the filter list at the top of the page will now be limited to 2 unless the administrator clicks the "[x] more" option
      • The entirety of each row (with the exception of the user's profile photo and "Action" ellipses) will now be clickable and lead administrators to the session of that user
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Calibration
      • The Calibration page will no longer return a 500 error
      • The "#" in the cycle search will no longer show other cycles
      • The "Save" button will now display the correct color (deep blue on hover and lighter blue when clicked as opposed to white)
      • Decisions log paginations numbers will now display in the correct order


  • Bug Fixes:
    • Reminder notifications will stop going out to conversation participants who have already shared their responses

*All release updates are subject to change