Release: Nov. 23rd, 2021

Production Environment


  • Updates:
    • A warning message will now display on the Manager Insights v2 dashboard to call out who on the team has missed the target or is still not on track


  • Bug Fixes:
    • Skip level manager will no longer be able to add notes to a Conversation if they've only been granted "can view" access


  • Updates:
    • Reply to comment feature will no longer be hidden in email notifications
  •  Bug Fixes:
    • Organization logos will no longer appear stretched in email notifications
    • The "Your manager has made changes" notification will no longer go out to direct reports if they have not been selected in "Step 3: Specify who can request and view feedback" of the feedback template

Preview Environment: Coming In (2) Weeks


  •  Bug Fixes:
    • The HRIS integration will no longer filter on hardcoded column names (allowing for inclusion of custom fields)
    • The "Learn more" text under Permission Settings → Edit (of any objective) will now go to the appropriate Knowledge Base article

*All release updates are subject to change