Release: Aug. 16th, 2021

Production Environment


  • Updates: 
    • Conversations+
      • The "add contributors" functionality will now be translated to the users' language 
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Manager's answers will now display to direct report once shared
    • Skip level managers will now be able to view conversation answers (of manager and direct report) once shared as long as they've been granted "can view" access prior to conversation deployment 
    • "Confidential questions end date" will now update dynamically if Admin toggles between options (i.e. "After the conversation" to "During the conversation)
    • "View edit history" pop-up will no longer display to new manager when the previous manager has saved answers in a past conversation
    • The conversation status will display to new manager (under "Next Step" in the Conversations list and under "Print Conversation Summary") if previous manager has saved answers in a past conversation
    • "Error getting this conversation" message will no longer display to direct report after they have shared their answers then re-visit the Conversations list
    • "Error getting this conversation" message will no longer display to direct report after their manager has shared answers and the direct report visits the Conversations list
    • The search bar will no longer flicker and/or disappear when a user attempts to "Edit Providers"
    • Previous notes will no longer be displayed after refreshing the page if notes have been successfully removed before the page refresh
    • Admins will no longer be prevented from deploying a conversation template if the "After the conversation" option is selected for confidential questions


  • Bug Fixes:
    • An empty card will no longer display to a direct report if they do not have permission to view the feedback provided about them
    • In the "Request" tab, question text will now be wrapped without displaying scroll bars


  • Bug Fixes:
    • Betterworks University (Docebo)
      • Users who previously received the error message "Failure occurred while redirecting to Betterworks University" will now be able to access the LMS 


  • Updates:
    • eNPS questions will now display benchmark comparison
    • Slack for Engage now has an updated description
  • Bug Fixes:
    • For surveys created through the Beekeeper integration, Admins will now be able to launch a survey even if the Beekeeper message is blank
    • Clicking "duplicate" on a survey will now duplicate the survey (as opposed to not triggering any action)


  • New:
    • Calibration lock will allow Admins (specifically Super Admins) to prevent other Admins and non-Admins from making changes to a calibration cycle and it's sessions
  •  Updates:
    • Detailed print in Performance Snapshot will now use customer logo
    • The Talent Record Export will now have a "location" field
    • The Talent Record Export will now use custom talent key labels
  •  Bug Fixes:
    • Performance Snapshot data will now sync faster


  • New:
    • The HRIS integration will now support dynamic custom fields
  • Bug Fixes:
    • A user's "hire_date" (if applicable) will now display in reports
    • Lack of a value in the "hire_date" field will no longer prevent the processing of a manual CSV upload

Preview Environment: Coming In (2) Weeks


  • Updates: 
    • If/when a user's "request to edit" is approved, they will now have 7 days to enter responses (instead of the previous 4 days)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • If a conversation contains direct report questions that lock before the conversation due date, Admins will now be able to submit a "request to edit" for the direct report right after the lock date (as opposed to waiting until after the conversation due date)
    • "View edit history" will now display to Skip level managers if their permissions on the conversation template were set to "can view"


  • New:
    • If a Skip level manager has access to feedback cycles, they'll now be able to view feedback via a side panel within the Conversations module
  • Updates:
    • Admins will now be able to rename the default anytime feedback templates
    • When a user is in the "View" or "Give" tabs, the objective side panel will now collapse by default

*All release updates are subject to change