Using Recognition

There are 3 ways to give recognition

Note: Recognition will be public to all users in an organization with the exception of recognition given in the comment of a private objective.

1. Comment on an objective with a hashtag. Your organization may have suggested hashtags, but you can also create your own:


2. Click the Recognition module on the top-banner of your Betterworks page and give recognition from there:


3. Use the Slack to give recognition to your colleagues by entering "/recognize @user <insert message>" into any public Slack channel. The recognition you submit in Slack will be posted to the Betterworks Recognition Wall. 


There are 4 ways to view recognition 

1. On the user's profile page. Simply click on the hashtag to view the details:


2. On the objective's comment history:


3. On the Recognition Wall:


4. In your organization's Slack instance.