Designing Your Conversations Program


Betterworks Conversations are designed to support continuous performance development that is lightweight, data-driven and forward-looking. If you’d like to interact with the Conversations module for the first time, navigate to the Preview environment.

Betterworks Conversations allow you to:

  • Structure OKR setting and reflection across your organization
  • Improve quality of progress updates throughout the year
  • Create a culture of frequent coaching and development
  • Integrate career growth Conversations to all of the above
  • Conduct performance reviews

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When you're ready to introduce Conversations to your organization, we recommend answering a couple of key questions:

How often will you want your employee to have conversations with their manager and direct reports?

This will determine the cadence for the scheduled conversations that you create. Oftentimes we see companies setting at least a quarterly cadence, either with the same questions each quarter, or having specific topics for each. Oftentimes, if a company has a performance evaluation, it will take the place of one quarterly Conversations. 

If you have a performance evaluation process, how will these Conversations be leveraged?

Oftentimes, the reason to have more frequent Conversations is to make sure that an employee is not surprised at their end of year assessment. Thus, make sure you are supporting your end of year process by including questions that guide towards collecting information throughout the year on the topics that will be leveraged during the performance evaluation. 

What would you like your employees to gain from having more frequent Conversations with their manager and direct reports?

Your answer will help determine what additional questions you will ask within the Conversation and also guide your communications as you surface the program to your organization.

Are you looking to provide more opportunities for individuals to initiate Conversations on their own throughout the year, even outside of scheduled cycles?

If so, definitely enable Anytime Conversations with a couple of templates that can be leveraged throughout the year. A couple of popular Anytime Conversations we see are:

  • Development Check-Ins
  • Performance Improvement Plans

For more information on configuring and managing Conversations, see this article.