Configuring Conversations

The BetterWorks Conversations module opens up a new way to manage frequent performance development at your organization. BetterWorks Conversations builds on the objective data in BetterWorks to improve the quality of performance conversations - all while reducing overhead. Your users’ OKR data will be available during the conversation to drive contextual and focused conversations. If you’d like to interact with the Conversations module, navigate to your Preview Environment.

For more information, including pricing, please contact your BetterWorks Account Executive.

BetterWorks Conversations allow you to:

1) Structure OKR setting and reflection across your organization

2) Improve quality of progress updates throughout the year

3) Help employees give valuable upward feedback

4) Create a culture of frequent feedback and coaching

5) Integrate career growth conversations to all of the above

6) Conduct performance reviews

As an Admin, you have the ability to configure the Conversations and questions for your entire organization.

For more information and sample Conversation types and prompts, please review the BetterWorks Conversation Whitepaper.

Ready to implement Conversations? Read the Best Practices guide for deployment.

To turn on Conversations in BetterWorks, head to the Admin tab and choose Conversations on the bottom left. This is where Administrators can enable the module.

The first step is to name the conversation. The conversation name will be visible to all employees.

Admins decide the direction of each Conversation. Each BetterWorks Conversation can be one or two way.

Now, it's time to write the questions that the managers and employees should complete. You will be able to clone the questions and copy and paste from field to field. Click “Save” at the top right.

To launch the Conversation to all users, click “Start”. Remember, Conversations are private between manager and employee.

Similarly, when a Conversation ends, click “End” to close out the Conversation for all users. In a future release, Administrators will have the ability to schedule Conversations to be pushed out at a later date.

After the Conversation is due, generate a report for insight into Conversations metrics. Find out which users are capturing regular feedback and coaching in the platform!

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