Users within Engage can have customizable permission settings, to ensure your team has the correct/desired visibility into the survey reporting and users. 

Setting Permissions

To access this part of the module, go to User Management from the dashboard:


Then, click on the "Permissions" tab:


Here you will see a default list of all the users present in your Engage account. You can drill down to the desired user by searching for them in the search bar. Once you have done that, click on the checkbox next to "Customise" under the "Custom scope permission" column to enable their permissions:


Once enabled, the "Add a dimension" button will appear to the right:


When adding dimensions, a drop-down will appear that will allow you to select which dimensions you want to add for the particular user:


If you select "Location" as an example, that dimension will now be added to that user. From there, you can select which specific locations that that user can view:


This allows for more specific and granular permissions into which segments a user can view in the UI.