Add Users via SFTP



As an alternative to adding and updating users in the Betterworks Engage application manually, you can connect to our SFTP server.

Note: The SFTP server should only be used if your organization is prepared to send a full user file. This is because the user data in the SFTP file will override existing user data. As such, if a user is missing from the SFTP file, they will automatically be marked as "terminated" in the Betterworks Engage User Management module. 


Connection Details

SFTP Server: 

  • (US)
  • (EU)

Port: 22

Username: Provided upon request

Password: Provided upon request

Contact the Support Team — — to receive your username and password. 

Preparing User Data File

Prepare the file as indicated in our Betterworks Engage Toolkit.

Sending Files 

You'll need to send two CSV files.

The first file must:

  • Contain data
  • Be uploaded first
  • Use the naming format of employees.YYYYMMDDHHMM.csv.pgp 

The second file must: 

  • Be empty
  • Be uploaded after the first file transfer is complete
  • Use the naming format of employees.YYYYMMDDHHMM.csv.done.pgp


You downloaded a user data file from your organization's HRIS at 2:00 AM (your timezone).


Note: The file names should match each other with the exception of the "csv.pgp" or "csv.done.pgp" extension.

Once you've sent the files, contact the Support Team — — to confirm that the files have been received.

Automation via Python

If you'd like to automate the file transfer (optional), you can do so by using this Python code.

You are welcome to write another code. However, it to be written after logging into the SFTP server and run on the server.