When setting up your account in Engage, as a new organization you'll want to set up settings to mirror your company's name, branding, and other backend elements to create the desirable environment for you and your employees. This article will go further into detail on how you can set up various aspects of your account.

To go to Settings, click on the gear icon as shown below:


Company Settings

The first tab in Settings is "company settings". Here, you can enter your company info, and logo (in PNG format). This will help personalize the UI, as well as the email notifications that will be sent out to your users from Engage:


Additionally, you can set up your timezone, and business hours. This will determine when notifications get sent from your users, to ensure they aren't bombarded with emails/notifications at random hours:


If Saturday and Sunday isn't selected for business days, and a survey is launched on the weekend, then the survey will be sent at the following available business day enabled in the settings. 

The Anonymise data threshold is where you can set the max number of employees that survey participant threshold must meet before more granular data can be visibly shown. This is to ensure that admin users that have access to Insights cannot deduce which employees completed the survey based on what they might have heard about within their company. 

If a survey doesn't meet that number of participants, then certain reporting will remain blank or anonymous until that threshold is met.

Display company averages, when checked off, will provide percentage averages of user data within the survey reporting tabs across the entire company. This option is helpful to provide a more birdeye's view of survey response sentiments within your company, across different categories of questions.

The benchmark section is where you can enable/select specific benchmarks to compare your survey data against. More information on benchmarks can be found here.

When employees take a survey, the initial screen after they begin their survey (via the survey link they receive in email or SMS) can have customizable text that you can enter here:


When a survey is opened by a user, they will see this introductory text.

When setting up questions in your surveys, one of the answers type that can be chosen is the Likert scale. By default, the Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree range is set for the 5 options. However, you can customize the text to your own liking if you wish to use other text than the default ones shown below:


Surveys can be launched with languages other than English, and settings for that can be set in Multi-Language Surveys:


More information on how to enable these languages, and how to carries over to the surveys can be found here

Action plans settings can be customized here:


When the "Send Action Plan digest emails" setting is checked, emails will go out on the desired cadence (that can be set in the options below it) to remind admin/manager users of action plans that need to be actioned upon. This option gives your users reminders and holds them accountable in order to ensure such action plans are accomplished on time. You can select the day and time (in your timezone) that will be set in the drop-down menus shown above.

Additionally, if you have Betterworks Core set up, you can change the terminology of OKRs to the customized ones you may have set up in the Admin settings for BW. 

Lastly, Action Plan settings allow you to create custom suggestions, or templates for your Action Plans:


Clicking on the link shown above will take you to the following page:


Here, you'll see the current list of Suggestions created in the system for Action Plans. To create a new one, click on "Create Custom Suggestion" in the upper right hand corner, and the following pop-up will appear:


Here, you can name an action plan, set a category, and populate the rest of the info. Then, click "Create Action Plan" to finish creating the template. This new template can then be used when setting up an Action Plan. More information on that can be found here

Lastly, surveys can be administered via SMS, but this option needs to be toggled on before admin users are able to utilize it. The switch shown below will enable this feature:



Engage allows integrations with several third-party softwares: Slack, Beekeeper, and Workplace. To set up the integrations, go to the Integrations tab in Settings, and you will see the three setup panels there:



For Slack, click the "Add to Slack" button to log into your Slack account, and connect the two platforms.

After the integration is set up, any survey that is launched will send a notification to your Slack app for your users to see. Here is an example of what shows up in Slack, once a survey is launched:


Clicking on the link in Slack with launch the survey in a new tab, where the user will then be able to start and complete their survey.



Beekeeper requires you to enter your company's domain (e.g., and then the Access Key that's present in your Beekeeper account. The access key can be found in their app settings within your account. Once you enter in that info in Engage, click "Update Settings" to complete the integration.

After the integration is enabled, log into your Beekeeper account, and click on the Chats icon in the top header menu:


In the Inbox, you will see the survey message:


From within the message, a survey link is included for the user to click. 



Once you find the access key from your Workplace settings, input it in the text field shown above, and then click "Update Settings" to complete the integration.

Employee lifecycle


The Tenure dimension is determined by the Phases set up within Engage. These are also the top-level units for the employee lifecycle analysis. There can be a total of 6 Phases set up within the system, and a minimum of 2.  

Each phase can have at 1 to 4 subphases (max). The tenure values for employees for each subphase will Subphases will start after the previous one ends, e.g. if subphase 1 ends at 3 months, then the next one will start right afterwards.