Our Betterworks Guides offering unlocks the ability to create in-app guides to help your employees easily navigate and use the platform, reinforce your program requirements, see Betterworks user analytics, and receive feedback from users on your Betterworks program. 

Betterworks Guides provide contextual support to meet your employees where they are. Want to entice an employee to complete a conversation or create an objective? Need to showcase a new module? Looking to share crucial program timelines? You have the ability to create guides to help further brand and customize your Betterworks program. 

To get you started, Betterworks Guides customers will have access to 20 ready-to-go guide templates across all Betterworks modules. These guides can be easily edited and/or duplicated to meet your specific needs.

Note: Signature Support customers will work with their Support Account Manager to implement custom guides.


Common Guides Use Cases

Welcome Message/Announcements

Lightbox guides are a great way to welcome first-time users to Betterworks or to provide announcements regarding your performance program. Through segmentation and scheduling you can be sure that you are reaching the right users, at the right time, with the right message.

  • Overview of the performance program at your organization
  • Timeline of events 
  • Welcome message or video from CEO/People team
  • Note for users on how to update their settings/notifications 


BW Guide - Welcome Screenshot.png


How-To Guides

Multi-step walkthrough guides are a great way to orient your employees to the Betterworks platform. These can be deployed automatically after a user lands on a specific Betterworks module, after they click on a certain feature, or activated via badge. 


Betterworks Guides - Walkthrough Gif.gif

Our Betterworks Guides package offers multi-step walkthrough guides for each Betterworks module, including:

  • Platform Walkthrough: an overview of available modules within Betterworks at a glance and direct users on where to access their Profile Settings and Betterworks University Courses.
  • Goal Walkthrough: the importance of goal setting, how to create a goal (step by step), and links to resources.
  • Conversation Walkthroughs: an overview of the Conversations module and steps to initiate an Anytime Conversation
  • Feedback Walkthroughs: instructions for requesting, giving, and viewing Anytime Feedback and an overview of the Feedback Summary tab

Tooltip guides are great for providing in-line support for common questions. Tooltips can be activated in a variety of ways, such as hover overs or badges.

  • Conversations Tooltip: provide managers and/or direct reports with guidance on completing their conversation. The ability to target guides allows you to provide guidance and resources that are relevant to a specific conversation.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 7.49.25 AM.png


Resource Center: You can offer a customized resource center with a combination of in-app guides and links out to external resources and helpful user content. 


BW Guide - Resource Center Screenshot.png

Program Feedback: Utilize the polling options available within guides to garner feedback from employees on ways to update your program or make improvements.

Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 8.45.55 AM.png

These guides can help increase program adoption, provide deeper insights into where your employees may need support, and help you share meaningful content at times when your employees need it most.


Note: Betterworks Guides is available to Signature Support customers as well as customers who opt to add it to their Betterworks Performance program. If you'd like to explore this offering further, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or reach out to Betterworks Support for more information and pricing details.