Expanding into global markets or catering to a diverse user base requires providing content in multiple languages. With localization, you can seamlessly deliver in-app messages in various languages. Guides can be created in your preferred language, exported as an XLIFF file (the standard format for translation data), translated externally, and then imported back into Betterworks Guides. Once completed and saved, users accessing the Betterworks platform in any of the supported languages will have access to the guides in their preferred language.

Check out our video guide below:

Translate Your Guide

1. Export the XLIFF file from the guide's Localization Details.
2. Add translations to the XLIFF file.
3. Import the translated file back into the guide's Localization Details.

The XLIFF file includes all text content except for unstructured text in images and code blocks. You can translate alt text and image URLs in the XLIFF file. For example, text in a Text Block and button text are captured in the XLIFF but text in an uploaded image is not. If you have a translated version of the image hosted, you can replace the image URL in the XLIFF file so the Guide loads your translated image instead of the image added to the original Guide.

Ensure your guide is finalized before exporting the XLIFF file. Any content changes made after exporting will require re-exporting, translating, and re-importing.

Access Localization from the Guide Details page:

1. Go to Guide Details and find the Localization tile.
2. Click Edit to manage Localization.
3. Click Export to download the XLIFF file for translation.

The Authored Language in the XLIFF file can be changed if needed.

Note: Companies typically use dedicated translation tools or services for text translation such as Poedit and Xliff Editor.

XLIFF Code Overview:

XLIFF is the standard file format for content translation. The exported XLIFF file from Pendo contains code for all translatable content in the guide, organized by <trans-unit>. Each <trans-unit> represents a block of text in the guide, and each block needs to be translated individually.

Key Elements in XLIFF Code:

  • source-language-"en-US"  Language code for the source content
  • target-language=" " — Language code the text is being translated into
  • <source></source> Source content from the Guide written in the source language
  • <target></target> — The container where the translated text is entered for each <trans-unit>  

When translating, ensure each <trans-unit> is translated individually for accuracy. You can also adjust the translated phrasing in the XLIFF file for improved readability and formatting in the final translated guide.


Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 5.18.16 PM.png

Betterworks Guides XLIFF Code Sample

Screenshot 2024-05-14 at 5.18.23 PM.png

Import the Translation

1. Click "Edit" to manage Localization for the guide.

2. Click "Import" next to the Untranslated Language and upload the translated XLIFF file. Ensure the Untranslated Language matches the target language in the file.

3. Once imported, the language status changes from Untranslated to Translated. You can still use the Import button to update the Translated Language later.

4. Click "Done" to close the Edit view of the Localization Tile.

Note: The XLIFF file must match the corresponding guide. If there's a mismatch, the import will fail. Ensure all target containers have translated content; otherwise, you'll receive a notification about missing content, but the file will still be imported.

Test & Preview Your Translated Guides

Use the "Viewing language" dropdown in Guide Settings to preview the guide in the translated language.

You can make changes to the XLIFF file and re-import as needed. Publish the guide once you're satisfied with the translation. If the guide is already public, the translation becomes available immediately after import.

Publish the Guide when you're satisfied with the translated version. If the Guide is already public, the translation is available as soon as the import is complete.


What language file type is supported?

XLIFF 1.2 format only.

Which languages are supported?

Find the full language list and associated language codes here.

Note: Right-to-left languages (i.e. Hebrew and Arabic) are not supported yet.

Does Betterworks translate the Guides for me?

No. We provide you with an XLIFF file that you can translate but we are happy to help with upload.