Homepage: Nex Gen



The Homepage is crafted to enhance the user experience, ensuring that users are deeply engaged with their performance, growth, and acknowledgment within your organization. With a user-centric design at its core, the Homepage aims to improve users' lives through several key strategies.

  • Boosting Productivity: It provides a clear outline of tasks, empowering users to concentrate and complete actions on time.
  • Maximizing Program Impact: The design encourages greater adoption of the application's various modules.
  • Driving Alignment and Accountability: By offering a centralized view of goals, feedback, and 1:1 meetings, it aligns user efforts with HR and managerial priorities, fostering focused execution and accountability. 


As a Super Admin, contact your Program Architect, Customer Success Manager or Support Account Manager to enable the Homepage option for your organization. Once done, go to Admin → Program Management → Home → Settings to enable the Homepage. 



Displays the user's profile image, a short welcome message and a link to the organization chart. Upon hovering over the profile image, the user can see additional information and a link to view their profile.


Any announcement/broadcast message configured by administrators is visible here, ensuring vital information is widely seen and read; promoting a sense of community and engagement. The accordion can be expanded/ collapsed as and when required.

Needs Attention

Covers the important tasks that the user will have to complete. Tasks related to goals, conversations and feedback are displayed here along with the due dates and ordered by urgency (due date). Each task will navigate the user to the exact place in each module to complete those tasks. This serves as a prompt reminder for pending tasks related to goals, conversations, and feedback; helping users prioritize their tasks effectively. 

Your Goals

Displays the user's overall goal progress % along with the breakup of their goals in terms of goals that are on track, that need attention and the ones at risk. If there are any goals that require an update, that is being highlighted as well. This detailed view of goal progress and categorization encourages regular updates and a focus on goals that need attention or are otherwise at risk.

Your Next 1:1s

Displays the user's upcoming 1:1s so they can better prepare for them; enhancing the quality of these interactions. Each 1:1 has information on who the user is scheduled to meet along with the number of agenda items and the date and time on when it's scheduled. All the user's upcoming 1:1s for today and tomorrow are displayed at any point in time. However, if this count is less than three, the next three 1:1s are displayed irrespective of when they occur. 

Your Feedback

Highlights feedback received, provided, requested and to-do, keeping the feedback process active and top-of-mind for continuous personal and professional development.

Your Recognition

Highlights the recognitions users have received and given within the current business period; fostering a culture of appreciation and boosting morale. 

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