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Elevate Your Team's Performance with Betterworks University!

Discover Betterworks University, your premier destination for unlocking the full potential of your team. Our centralized education portal helps your employees better leverage the Betterworks software to drive their success.

Engage with curated content that supports ever evolving performance management programs categorized specific to employees, managers, and program teams. Learn how to harness Betterworks powerful new feature releases, like in app AI capabilities, to amplify human capabilities in your organization.

Involving Betterworks University in your employee training initiatives enables greater efficiency and effectiveness of your employees and managers working together to accomplish your most ambitious company goals.

Below we will link recommended content role specific for your teams. Please log into Betterworks University via the access steps below in order to activate the links.



Betterworks University is easily accessible inside the Betterworks platform.
At the top Right corner of your screen:

  • Click on the down arrow next to your name
  • From the dropdown menu, click on “Get Training”

Leverage the Betterworks Software for All Roles

Our seamless integration between learning and performance management enables your team to translate newfound knowledge into tangible results, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement throughout the organization. Empower your team to learn how to best leverage Betterworks for their role.

To activate the links below, ensure you are logged into Betterworks University.

For Managers

Continuous Learning for Company Managers

Transform your managers into strategic leaders! Our education portal offers tailored courses to enhance managerial skills, from setting goals to conducting effective performance reviews. Your leaders will learn new skills and how to apply these best practices in the Betterworks software. Elevate your company's leadership with Betterworks University.

Recommended Content for Managers:
Making Managers Better
Betterworks for Managers

For Employees

Drive Employee Engagement & Adoption

A well-informed team is a motivated team! Betterworks University fosters employee engagement by providing educational resources directly to your workforce. Teams that implement Betterworks University as part of their employee onboarding have higher engagement rates and individuals better utilize the platform to drive their success. Explore curated content that supports navigating the Betterworks platform and how to best leverage this tool as an individual contributor. Boost morale, productivity, and collaboration with our comprehensive learning platform.

Recommended Content for Employees:
Getting Started with Betterworks

For HR Teams

Empower Your HR Teams

Equip your HR teams with the latest tools and insights to streamline performance processes. Betterworks University provides in-depth tutorials, best practices, and expert guidance, ensuring your HR professionals are always one step ahead.

Recommended Content for HR Teams:
Betterworks University Admin Tutorial
HR Insights
Betterworks Moments


For Instructor Led Training Teams (ILT)

Unlock the power of Betterworks with our Train the Trainer Resources

Our Train the Trainer resources are designed to empower your team to deliver engaging and effective Instructor Led Training (ILT) sessions. Our comprehensive courses equip your instructors with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively educate and inspire others on leveraging Betterworks for organizational success.

Download slide decks and resources to facilitate dynamic ILT sessions that drive adoption, enhance user proficiency, and maximize the value of Betterworks within your organization.

Recommended Content for Training:
Getting Started With Betterworks (ILT Delivery)
Getting Started with OKRs (ILT Delivery)
Getting Started With Continuous Conversations (ILT Delivery)



Can I access Betterworks University without a Betterworks account?

Betterworks University is exclusively for Betterworks licensed users and included in their Betterworks subscription. 


Why aren’t the links to the Betterworks University courses working?

In order for Betterworks University links to be active, please make sure you are logged in before clicking the link. To login to Betterworks University from your Betterworks account dropdown in the top right, click "get training."


How do I get Program Administrator access to Betterworks University to oversee my organization's learning program?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support Team with the names and email addresses of the individuals you would like to have designated as, Power User, the system Administrator title for Betterworks University.


What are the Power User capabilities in Betterworks University?

Our Betterworks University Admin Tutorial will walk you through assigning courses and the analytics available to manage your team’s learning.