Conversation AI Assist



Note: Conversation AI Assist leverages an API integration with OpenAI ChatGPT version 3.5 turbo. The outputs and explanations are those provided by this integration. However, it is an opt-in-only feature. Your organization will not automatically be enrolled. Please contact your Program Architect or Customer Success Manager to enable Conversation AI Assist.

The Conversation AI Assistant tool is designed to assist users in writing open-text answers to conversation questions.  Whilst typing or after completing their answers, users can click a drop-down option to utilize our AI Assist tool. This feature uses artificial intelligence to review and refine their input, ensuring grammatical correctness, adopting a professional and personal tone, and eliminating any biases. The AI suggestion also includes an explanation for the suggested changes.

Users can either accept the AI suggestion as-is or further modify their response or request the AI to regenerate it if needed.


Step 1: The user is prompted to provide an open-text answer in the conversation template.

Note: A tooltip will indicate that at least 20 characters are required for AI assistance.

Step 2: The user types their response.

If the user wants to use AI assistance, they can click the text or the down arrow.

Step 3: The user will receive a suggested response from the AI Assistant.

The tool tip explains that the suggestion focuses on clarity, impartiality, and professionalism.
Users can apply the suggested text directly into the text box or generate a new response if they are not satisfied with the initial suggestion.

Users can also add more text or edit their responses within the text box after applying a previous suggestion. However, altering the text invalidates the current output - If necessary a new response should be generated based on the edits.

Step 4: The user can regenerate the output and choose to apply the new text.

Step 5: Review and Share.

The system will remind the user to review their AI-generated responses for accuracy and accept the response as their own before sharing.

Note: The AI Assistant may not fully support bulleted formats or multiple separated paragraphs. As a result, the tool will offer suggestions in a single-paragraph format.

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