Poll Reports



While a poll is in progress, paused, or closed, admin users can look at the results from employees, and gain further insight there. To view a poll report, click on "See report" next to an active or closed poll:


The user will then be taken to the following reporting screen:


When you click on "How is this calculated?" located at the end of the description, a pop-up window will appear, detailing the methodology used to calculate the overall favorability score.



This report, as shown in the screenshot above, combines the most relevant high-level insights from the selected Polls such as: Participation, Total Favorability, Comment Summary, and Top and Lowest Segments.

The overview report is divided into 3 parts

  • Favorability
  • Comments Overview
  • Segments



This bar graph is the sum of all votes within the poll, denoted by different colors and answers:

  • Dark Blue - Strongly Agree
  • Lighter Blue - Agree
  • Grey - Neutral
  • Lighter Red - Disagree
  • Dark Red - Strongly disagree

The dashboard also shows how the latest iteration has fared with the previous iteration of the poll and average of all iterations.

The Trend line graph hows the entire trend of the polls from the 1st iteration till the latest iteration:

Screen_Shot_2022-02-15_at_9.40.01_PM.pngThis shows the overall favorability scores for each iteration. On hovering over the point, you get a pop-up, on clicking the any iteration’s “View iteration”, the entire report data changes to that iteration.


The comments section provides a summary of your text responses by overall sentiment, and most commonly used words. 

In the overview dashboard, this only displays the Sentiment with color coding:

  • Blue - positive comments
  • Grey - neutral comments
  • Red - negative comments


This section is further divided into 4 sub sections, and also provides the delta from the previous iterations:


There are four types of segments here:

  • Strongest Segments - This displays the top 3 segments with high favorability for the latest iteration.
  • Weakest Segment - This displays the bottom 3 segments with low favorability for the latest iteration.
  • Biggest Decline - This displays the top 3 segments with highest decline in favorability from the previous iteration.
  • Biggest Improvement - This displays the top 3 segments with highest increase in favorability from the previous iteration.

Lastly, the overview dashboard can be exported as a PDF using the “export PDF” button available on the top:



This page will show the same Favorability bar graph and metrics found in the Overview tab. Additionally, Segmentation will show the votes per dimension, as well as the favorability factors there.


The comments section a summary of employees' text responses by overall sentiment, and their most commonly used words to pinpoint the key ideas they conveyed.  Through this report, a user is able to filter by any dimension present in the UI to narrow to specific comments, and review feedback that may offer detailed insight into your organization.

There are various aspects to this reporting:

  • Comments are color coded, and represent different sentiments:

    • Blue - positive comments

    • Red - negative comments

    • Grey - neutral comments 

  • A word cloud (color coded) would also be displayed, these are the most repetitive words across all comments recorded for the Poll.

    • On clicking on these words, only those comments which has that particular word will be displayed.

  • You can further filter the comments by category, questions and sentiment.

  • You can also export these comments in CSV and do further analysis.