Category Definitions


Categories define questions and action plans. This provides better descriptors for your admin-level users to understand the reporting and question types as they gather information from users. Below is a list of all the categories as well as their definitions. 


The cornerstone of the framework, this relates to the employee's overall feelings of
engagement with and attachment to the company.

Company Performance

Relates to the employee's perception of how well the company is performing.


Relates to the employee's confidence in senior leadership to make the best decisions
and their perception of the relationship between leadership and the rest of the


Relates to the employee's experience and relationship with their direct supervisor.

Collaboration & Teamwork

Relates to the employee's interactions with their coworkers and whether there is a
sense of safety, trust and belonging.


Relates to the quality of communication, both company-wide and within the
employee's own team.


Relates to the workload of the individual employee and whether it is manageable, as
well as the fair and equal distribution of work across teams.


Relates to the employee's sense of alignment with and commitment to the company
and its goals.

Meaningful Work

Relates to the employee's feelings that they work they do is inspiring and meaningful
to them personally.


Relates to both the physical and psychological work environments and whether each
provides the employee with a sense of safety.

Feedback & Recognition

Relates to how feedback is given and received by the employee, as well as their sense
that their good work is recognized.


Relates to the employee's belief that they are growing and can continue to grow at the


Relates to the employee's satisfaction with their overall compensation.