Setting Objectives/Goals

by Fred Pukay

What is an Objective? 

Setting an Objective or Goal (depending on the preferred nomenclature used by your Organization) is what helps users win at work. It keeps team members engaged, gives managers visibility into their reports’ work, and keeps the company aligned in pursuit of set Objectives. 

To create a new Objective click create at the top right.


You should now see this.


You can type the name of your objective and the names of any key results - some of these items may be required based on your company settings. We recommend putting in as much information in your goal even if it is optional for your environment.

  • Owner: If you're creating goals for others in your company, you may change the owner by clicking the dropdown function and searching for team member names.
  • Category: If your company requires it, you must select a category for this goal. These are set by your administrator.
  • Date range/period: These are defaulted to the end of the current quarter, but you can adjust the start and end dates. To edit either date, click to open the calendar and select a new date.
  • Describe this goal: This section is great to use for any additional context, links to documents, or other notes that coworkers might find helpful.
  • Alignment: Click the link Align this goal to another, and search for a person or goal you’d like this goal to contribute to.
  • More Options: In here you’ll find Progress Settings, which allow you to set a target for your goal. For example if “Hit $100,000 in sales this quarter” is your goal then you can set the target here. You will also find Permission Settings where you can set your goal to ‘Private’ (only you and your manager can see this goal) or ‘Public’ which is the default setting (everyone in your company can view that goal). For more information about Permissions, check out this article.

You can make a Key Result/ Milestone into an Objective nested under a parent Objective. 



You can also adjust progress and privacy settings using More Options (circled in red). Here are 2 screenshots illustrating this.



If your company has enabled integrations you may have a number of options to choose from. Integrations help you track your progress by drawing information from an outside source, like Google Sheets. 


Extremely Important: When you are done, please don't forget to click Submit so that your OKR is created.



For more information about integrations and how they function, click here

Is it possible to restore a deleted goal or objective?

It is not possible to restore a deleted goal or objective.  For that reason, we strongly discourage deleting goals and instead recommend you use the "end early" step defined here




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