BetterWorks 16.11 "Automated Program Reminders"


This release will be available in production on November 30th and can be viewed in your Preview Environment today. For information on what changes today in your production environment, please read our 16.10 Release Notes.

This release gives you more ways to win:

  • Automated Program Reminders adds efficiency to your workflow.
  • Conversations have added flexibility and customization.
  • Targeted Slack Notifications increase efficiency.

Automated Program Reminders

Increase engagement by getting the right messages to your teams at the right times. Our new program reminders configurability allows you to dial in program reminders to help team members stay on track. Configure key dates, auto triggers, and more.

Conversations New Customization Features

Conversations are now more flexible. Cut through the clutter and build confidence internally with our latest updates to Conversations. Move from one-size-fits-all company wide conversations, to deploying different conversations for different segments of your company. Companies can now setup and deploy conversations customized for new hires, different geographies, business units, or a specific function.

Setup performance workflows with Conversations

Companies can setup traditional performance evaluation workflows with Conversations. Select when a manager can share the conversation, for use cases such as waiting after calibration. Select when a direct report's conversation should be locked beforehand (for use cases like completion of a self-assessment).

Locking conversations

Conversations will be locked at the end of the cycle or when users share their conversations—whichever comes first.

Targeted Slack Notifications

Simplify your communications with our new Slack Integration v2 which allows you to toggle where your messages go. Choose between sending your messages to either email or Slack.

Simplified Help

For a more efficient experience, we’ve simplified how help is displayed in BetterWorks. Quickly search for help content by clicking the help button in the lower right hand corner. To explore our entire help repository, click on your profile in the upper right hand corner and click Help Center. 

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