Getting Started with Conversations

This guide covers the essential steps to configure and launch Conversations across your organization, and also includes guidelines and best practices on driving effectiveness in performance development.

 1. Learn more about Conversations

BetterWorks Conversations are designed to support ongoing performance development that is lightweight, data-driven and forward-looking. Learn more about our research and best practices on driving employee success.   

2. Turn on Conversations

You can turn on Conversations in the Admin panel. If you do not have Conversations, please contact your Account Executive to learn how to add it to your BetterWorks package.


 3. Configure Conversations

In the admin panel, you can configure a conversation, including direction and deadlines. 

4. Create Conversation questions based on your organization’s needs and priorities

Tailor the content of your Conversations templates following our guidelines and best practices. We recommend having two-way conversations between managers and employees, with three questions for each to answer. 

5. Deploy Conversations

Announce Conversations to all participants to let them know guidelines for completing Conversations and any relevant deadlines. 

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