1% Better With Kris: 3 to 5 OKRs

1% Better With Kris is a blog/video series with the CEO of BetterWorks, Kris Duggan. The title references one of BetterWorks’ core values to strive to be “1% Better everyday.” In each post, Kris tackles a common question or theme that customers have and demonstrates how he and the employees at BetterWorks addresses them.

In today’s video, I cover three ways to create OKRs, how and where to draw inspiration for creating your OKRs, and then in the last 2 minutes, I create 5 of my own objectives. Enjoy!

Three way to create OKRs

Just like there are many ways to "skin a cat," there are multiple ways to create OKRs in BetterWorks. The three I cover today just happen to be my go-to. For more methods and a quick tutorial on how to create Objectives in BetterWorks, please watch this video.

  1. Click on the “+Create Objectives” button on the upper-right corner of BetterWorks and simply start creating your objectives quickly and all in one view. With the new Goal Create process released earlier this month, you can now create all of your objectives in one view and all at once.
  2. Search for your manager in the search bar and find an OKR that’s relevant to you.  Then simply add a contributing Key Result. For a full tutorial on aligning objectives, watch this short video.
  3. Find the Top Company Objectives in Charts and identify where you can contribute.

Drawing Inspiration for your OKRs

Stuck on how to get started? I bet you already know what you need to be working on. OKRs are simply the answer to the question "what do you need to get done for the quarter?" Here are a couple of ways to draw inspiration for answering that question:

  • Create an OKR around the business results you need to accomplish for the quarter 
  • Are there any professional or personal development opportunities you'd like to tackle? (e.g., leadership, public speaking, continuing education)
  • What kind of internal improvement projects should you focus on? (e.g., improving processes, building scale for your team or company)

My OKRs (in about 2 minutes)

It doesn't take much time to set up your OKRs at the beginning of each quarter. In the video, I take about 2 minutes to create my 5 objectives:

  • Achieve company’s Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Hire key senior executives
  • Publish valuable content for our customers
  • Support our PR efforts
  • Support our Sales and Customer Success teams

Make sure to watch the video for details. If you have ideas for future 1% Better With Kris videos, I'd love to hear them. Please leave a comment below.   

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