Deploying Conversations

A Guide for Program Leads Implementing Conversations

The upcoming BetterWorks Conversations module opens up a new way to manage performance development at your organization.  BetterWorks Conversations builds on the objective data in BetterWorks to improve the quality of performance conversations - all while reducing overhead.

Before you get started with BetterWorks Conversations, you will want to announce the addition to your OKR Program to set expectations with your leaders. We’ve outlined four milestones to incorporate into your Program, which includes best practices:

  1. Determine your first Conversation timeline
    • Partner with key stakeholders and leaders to finalize the content of your first Conversation- the Conversation direction and the set of questions are key
    • Identify the start and end date for the first Conversation launched in BetterWorks
  1. Introduce the addition of Performance Development to your OKR Program
    • Emphasize frequent, data driven, two-way Conversations
    • Performance development is focused on timely and authentic feedback and coaching to ensure employees are equipped to reach their full potential
    • Opportunity to have contextual conversations with smart signals (past, current, and future quarterly OKRs and assessments)
    • Include the value message for leaders and employees
    • Set the expectation around Conversation cadence; we recommend Conversations are captured at least quarterly
  1. Identify key communications that will need to be sent to employees
    • Communicate that the Conversation has officially launched
    • Remind users to complete the Conversation by the due date
    • After the due date, follow up with those that have not completed their Conversation in BetterWorks based on the reports generated in BetterWorks
  1. Educate employees on quality Conversations and guidelines
    • Capture and socialize key Conversations topics and questions
    • Make training material and offerings available to leaders and employees
    • Reiterate that Conversations enable feedback around performance and values and encourage forward-looking coaching

For more information and sample Conversation types and prompts, please review the BetterWorks Conversations whitepaper. To customize your rollout plan and detail out next steps, partner with your Customer Success team. If you’d like to interact with the module, navigate to your Preview Environment!

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