1% Better With Kris: Quick Wins With Recognition

1% Better With Kris is a video series with the CEO of BetterWorks, Kris Duggan. The title references one of BetterWorks’ core values to strive to be “1% Better everyday.” In each post, Kris tackles a common question or theme that customers have and demonstrates how he and the employees at BetterWorks addresses them.

Showing that you care in the workplace can be a very powerful thing. With recent studies showing that 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged at work, showing recognition, either by acknowledging the great work your employees have done or just showing interest in what they are working on, can help drive motivation. In today's post, I'll show how just 5 minutes every week in BetterWorks can help you, as a leader, connect with your employees regardless of what level they are in.

There are two techniques that I leverage with my teams. I use "Cheering and Nudging" to motivate my teams and then at the end of the quarter, I celebrate great work during our all-hand meetings.

Cheering in BetterWorks is great way to praise someone for a job well done, while nudging demonstrates that I’m interested in what they’re working on. I have a calendar reminder, called "Recognize BetterWorkers" set for five minutes a week to generate some sort of recognition for my employees.

Each week, I go into Goals and look at all the goals across the company. You can do this by setting your filters to look at just active goals. Sort by ascending progress to view the list of employees who are doing well against their goal progress. In the actions column, click the cheer button (it's the balloon icon). The goal owner will then get notified that they've been cheered and by whom. Conversely, you can sort by descending progress. You'll now have a list of goals at the top that are falling behind or off track. Give them a little nudge (it's the hand icon). I've found that taking a few minutes out of my week has been effective at driving focus, helping my employees feel recognized, and keeping them on track.

Let's take this to the next level. Our team holds a Quarterly Kickoff and an End of Quarter Awards all hands meeting, with bi-weekly team meetings sprinkled within. During these different meetings, I like to find the work that my employees are doing and celebrate them. Before one of these meetings, I find the highest performing goals. This time, instead of cheering, I'll export the goals to PowerPoint. From this list, I'll select the top 5 to 10 goals and personally recognize the goal owner, the goal's contributors, and the overall success they had in the all hands meeting.

I personally recommend incorporating these into your routine and watch your culture of recognition grow 1% better each day!

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