Email Content Format for Conversations

When you enable Conversations in BetterWorks, members of your company will receive notifications for the launch, as well as reminders and overdue messages depending on their status. Users will not receive Conversation notifications if you've disabled notifications across the platform or for a specific Conversation - if this is the case, please send out your own company notifications related to the Conversation cycle.

Below is an example of the communication your employees may receive - the text highlighted in orange and with boxes around them are driven from user attributes (like first and last name) or your template settings in the Admin/Conversations area of BetterWorks.

Please note: Messaging is sent at 8AM in the time zone selected in the Admin panel under Time Zone & Business Calendar.


1. Conversation Started

2. Conversation Midcycle Reminder

3. Conversation Due

4. Conversation Overdue

5. Conversation Shared

6. Conversation Deploy Email (Admin only notification)

7. Conversation Transferred (New manager and old manager only notification)

8. Conversation Edit Request - Single (Admin only notification)

9. Conversation Edit Request - Multiple (Admin only notification)

10. Conversation Unlocked (End-user only notification)


1. Conversation Started - sent at 8am to all users involved in the Conversation cycle


2. Conversation Midcycle Reminder - sent 8am the day the admin set for the reminder


3. Conversation Due - sent to all users at 8am on last day of cycle


4. Conversation Overdue - sent to all users at 8am based on admin notification date


5. Conversation Shared - sent when one of the two involved in the Conversation shares their portion


6. Conversation Deployed - admin only receives this 8am the day before a Conversation is planned for launch


7. Conversation Transferred - sent to parties related to the transfer (end user and managers) (two separate messages)


8. Conversation Edit Request - Single (sent only to admins when one request to re-open has been made)


9. Conversation Edit Request - Multiple (sent only to admins when multiple requests to re-open have been made)


10. Conversation Unlocked - sent to end user that requested to edit their Conversation


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