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1% Better With Kris is a video series with the CEO of BetterWorks, Kris Duggan. The title references one of BetterWorks’ core values to strive to be “1% Better everyday.” In each post, Kris tackles a common question or theme that customers have and demonstrates how he and the employees at BetterWorks addresses them.

At BetterWorks, we set aside time at the end of each quarter to self-reflect and celebrate the work that’s been completed. This reflection on the prior quarter’s objectives allows us to pause and celebrate our wins and also helps drive us to further increase our goal quality for the following quarter. In today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you how we promote self-reflection through Assessments.  

What are Assessments?

Assessments are a way of ensuring self-reflection at the end of the quarter. They not only inform the next period’s objectives, they also help drive higher quality objectives for the upcoming period. It’s important to note that Assessments are different from overall goal progress. While goal progress demonstrates the actual measurable progress made on an objective in real-time, Assessments provide a qualitative signal that may differ from progress at the end of the quarter. Combined with progress, Assessments give you  insights into how stretch and risk-taking your goals truly are. Scoring is a quantitative component of Assessments, but is not required.

At BetterWorks, all employees are required to score and assess their objectives at the end of each quarter. Managers and their teams can then have productive and well-informed conversations, not only on progress, but also on how each team member performed on their objectives.

I strongly encourage companies to leverage Assessments and scoring at the end of each quarter to continue fostering a culture of stretch and risk-taking.

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Note: Goals and milestones language is used interchangeably with Objectives and Key Results throughout our Help Center, training, as well as this article.

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