Blueprint for Success: How To Use the BetterWorks JIRA Integration


The BetterWorks JIRA integration captures data from JIRA and automatically updates your milestone's progress. This blueprint provides examples on  how to use the JIRA integration, as well as tips and tricks to get the most out of the integration. By no means are these the only use cases for the JIRA integration in BetterWorks: we recommend testing to see how you can make the JIRA integration work best for you.

Who is the JIRA Integration For?

Any user who uses JIRA to track tasks, features, or projects in their workflow.

Examples of JIRA Integrated Milestones

You can use the JIRA integration to track the progress of individual issues or large projects. Linking these items to a milestone via the integration can be completed in two ways:

  • Manually adding issues via a basic search or JQL query
  • Setting up a JQL query to capture all the issues matching the string

Manually Adding Projects

If you know what issues you want to link to the milestone, you can manually add these via a basic search. Start by naming your milestone, then click "+ Add an integration". This will bring up a search bar where you can perform a basic search that will search your JIRA instance. We will provide issues that match the search, which you can then click to add to your milestone.

In this example, four issues were chosen. After clicking “save” the completion of  these issues will automatically be tracked in BetterWorks. I can add comments on my progress if I want provide any status updates, but the completed work will automatically be captured. As I complete these issues in JIRA, they will automatically be updated in BetterWorks.


Linking issues using JQL:

Often when you setup your goals, not all of the issues in JIRA have been established. Examples include fixing bugs over the course of the quarter or all of the issues linked to an Epic. You can use our “Continuously populate milestone with query results” in these instances.  

Switch from a basic search to a JQL query and utilize JQL to match any issue that would be pertinent to the milestone you are linking to. After inputting the  JQL query be sure to check "Continuously populate milestone with query results". When this box is checked, BetterWorks will automatically add any new JIRA issues that match the criteria of your JIRA query. For example, if I get assigned a new bug to fix, my that issue will automatically be added to my milestone for tracking.

If you are well versed in JQL, that is great! Feel free to search directly in BetterWorks like you would in JIRA using JQL. If you could use a bit more practice on JQL, no problem! Any basic search in JIRA can be converted to a JQL by clicking "Advanced" within JIRA. You can then copy this string and paste it into our search bar as a JQL query.

JQL Examples

Here are some basic sample JQL strings below:

Issues assigned to me: assignee="User Name"

All issues that relate to a certain Epic: "Epic Link" = XYZ-123

Issues with certain labels (example of two): labels in (label1, label2)

Issue that are overdue: due <= "0"

For a more in depth review of JQL, please visit JIRA's website.

If you have any additional questions about this integration, please feel free to reach out to

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