5 steps to becoming an awesome manager with BetterWorks

Okay, you’re ready to go. You’re set up in BetterWorks, you and your team are working on your goals, and you’re getting the right stuff done.

Now, how do you stay on top of all that work?

Follow these five steps to stay on top of your team’s work by running efficient meetings and 1:1s.

  1. Filter for all your teams’ or direct report’s goals. It’s easy to get a comprehensive view of all the progress you want to see.
  2. Switch into meeting view to go through each goal in order. Going through your goals is the best way to conduct fast, effective team meetings or 1:1s.
  3. See an opportunity to make some changes? Align the goal to another, or move some of its milestones to other goals.
  4. Give some targeted feedback by leaving a private comment. Private comments let you leave direct feedback in a personal, non-judgmental space.
  5. Review the whole goal by going through its assessments. A goal’s assessment history or final assessment details can give useful context about its successes and challenges.

That’s it! This process gives you a fast, comprehensive view of a goal’s lifecycle and your team’s or direct report’s progress.


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