Using the goal detail page

Checking in

Check In lets you capture progress on all your milestones and enter a comment.

  1. On the goal detail page, click Check In. The Check In window appears.
  2. Log progress on your milestones or enter a comment. 
  3. Click Check In to save.

Working with metric based milestones

  1. To check in to the metric, click the Pin icon. Enter a new value and click Check In to save.
  2. To edit or delete the metric, hover over it to expose the Actions [...] button.
  3. Click the Actions [...] button to set a new value to the metric, delete it, or to convert it into a goal.

Working with milestones

  • To edit the milestone name, hover over it and click on the Pencil icon. Enter the new name and click Save.
  • To add the milestone due date, hover over it and click on the calendar icon. Enter or use the calendar to select a due date and click Save.
  • To delete the milestone, hover over it to expose the Actions [...] button. Select Delete to delete it.
  • To convert the milestone to a goal, click the Actions [...] button and select Convert to goal.
  • To add a new milestone, enter a milestone at the bottom of the section and hit Enter.

Commenting on a goal

Post a comment or @mention a colleague in the Timeline section. Click Comment to save.

Editing a goal

  1. Click the Pencil icon at the top right. Here you can do any or none of the following:
  2. Change the name of your goal
  3. Add additional details
  4. Specify whether this goal contributes to another
  5. Add, modify, or remove categories
  6. Assign the goal to another user
  7. Edit the start and due date of the goal
  8. Click Save.

Adding a related goal

  1. In the Actions [...] menu at the top right, select Related Goals.
  2. In the Link to related goals window, search by owner or goal name. Click on the goal to link to it.
  3. Click Save.

Editing permissions on a goal

  1. In the Actions [...] menu at the top right, select Permissions.
  2. In the Visibility and Permissions window, add additional editors and participants to the goal.
  3. Click the x next to their name to remove a user.
  4. Click Save to finish editing permissions.

Editing progress settings on a goal

  1. In the Actions [...] menu at the top right, select Progress Settings.
  2. In the Progress window, modify how the goal will calculate progress.
  3. Click Save.

Deleting a goal

  1. In the Actions [...] menu at the top right, select Delete.
  2. A confirmation window will appear. Click Delete.

Cloning a goal

  1. In the Actions [...] menu at the top right, select Clone.
  2. This will launch the Goal Creation wizard - please choose to either "Keep current owners" (which will maintain current assignees and goal permissions) or "Assign to me" (which will reset all permissions to their default state).
  3. Enter additional details or make any changes to the goal here.
  4. Click Create to complete cloning the goal.

Following a goal

  • In the Actions [...] menu at the top right, select Follow.
  • @mentioning a person in the goal's Timeline will also make them a follower or you can click on the Follow icon in the Stats card.

Viewing goal alignment

In the Alignment card, click View in Charts to see how your goal alignment.

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