Using filters to create a custom view

When you apply a set of filters to the goal list, you’re creating a view. You can save custom views for later use, or update existing views and save the changes.


  1. Click Goals in the top toolbar.
  2. Click Filters to expose customization options.
  3. Click Filter Menu. The filter menu expands.
  4. Choose a filter set from the menu to open it.
  5. Find the filter you want and click the checkbox to add it to the view.
  6. The filter applied appears in the list of filters, and the goal list updates to reflect the new view.


Editing and removing filters from a view

Once you’ve added a filter to the view, it appears in the list of applied filters.

  1. Click on the filter name to re-open its section of the filter menu.
  2. Apply another filter from that section, or replace it with an entirely different filter.
  3. To remove the filter, click the X next to the filter name.


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